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Hi, I’m Dionne!

I’m a full-time artist and creative business coach in Oklahoma and I help creatives define and amplify their unique points of view through workshops, coaching, and online tutorials. Check out my YouTube channel for my latest painting demonstrations.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Dionne Woods! I’m an artist, business owner, and creative business coach. In my work, I use signature layering and blending techniques to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces. I also offer professional tools, paint workshops, and online communities designed to elevate and amplify artists from all backgrounds. I especially love my work as a creative coach encourages artists to embrace the things that make them unique and translate that into art.

As part of my mission to empower creatives, I have launched Paint Talks, a podcast designed to share the true, inspiring stories of creatives from all walks of life. I also founded The Turquoise Iris Journal, a digital magazine by and for creatives, filled with tutorials, step-by-step projects, and powerful messages of community and hope.

I live with my husband, sons, and sweet pup Abbie in beautiful Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When I’m not traveling the US to help artists awaken their creativity, I spend my time at the ballpark to watch my boys play!

The Turquoise Iris Paint Talks Podcast

Paint Talks is an interactive podcast for creatives of all walks of life! Our mission is to amplify creative voices and empower all artists to recognize the value they bring to the world through insightful conversation. Listen here or wherever you download podcasts!

The Ultimate Guide to Paint Tools
The Ultimate Paint Tool Guide

The Ultimate Paint Tool Guide

One of my goals as an artist and creative coach is to empower all creatives to believe that they are capable of anything they put their minds to! My motto has always been this: If I can do it, you can do it. Once upon a time I didn’t believe that I was a “real”...

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How to Style Silk Scarves

How to Style Silk Scarves

I LOVE wearing scarves - I've been wearing them for years! They are a great way to bring a pop of color to an outfit or just a fun way to wrap up your hair on a breezy day! I'm always looking for interesting and beautiful ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe....

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Unleashing Your Creativity

Unleashing Your Creativity

It’s been six weeks since I launched the new creative exploration group, Creativity at Your Fingertips.  While I’ve been billing it as a sort of “finger painting for adults group,” these first few weeks have shown me that it’s so much more. Every week we have fun...

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