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Hi, I’m Dionne!

I’m a full-time artist and creative business coach in Oklahoma and I help creatives define and amplify their unique points of view through workshops, coaching, and online tutorials. Check out my YouTube channel for my latest painting demonstrations.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Dionne Woods! I live in Oklahoma City, OK with my husband, Matt, our two sons Holden and Elijah and our dog, Abbie. As an artist, I’m known for my signature layering and blending techniques (#DoTheDionne) that I use to create one-of-a-kind furniture and canvases. I pour the love and joy I feel when I’m painting into each and every colorful piece! Recently, I’ve made art a part of everyday life by turning my most popular designs into statement accessories.

As a mentor, I combine expert advice that can only come from years of experience and a huge social media following with a positive, empowering approach to provide truly actionable steps and a whole lot of fun.

When I’m not working on my latest piece, I’m eating pizza, making new friends, or out watching my boys play baseball.

Paint Talks Podcast

Paint Talks is an interactive podcast for creatives of all walks of life! Our mission is to amplify creative voices and empower all artists to recognize the value they bring to the world through insightful conversation. Listen here or wherever you download podcasts!

5 Tricks to Make Art Every Day

5 Tricks to Make Art Every Day

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