2022 Word of the Year

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With each new issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal, we try to choose a focus word that we carry through the issue. When we were planning the Winter 2022 issue, we decided that we wanted to create something that could carry through the entire year! This concept, of choosing a 2022 Word of the Year, is not new! It has increased in popularity over the past few years for those who find a resolution too limiting. Join us in choosing a 2022 word of the year! I

2022 Word of the Year

Here at The Turquoise Iris HQ, we picked our word of the year for 2022 a few months ago when we were planning the 2022 issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal! Our sixth issue and our  2022 word of the year are one and the same: SPARK!

Here is what SPARK means to me…

I will explore and nourish the creative spark that lives in my own heart by trying new things, traveling, and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

I will spark inspiration, creativity, and joy in the hearts of my audience by providing empowering tutorials and workshops, motivating content, and beautiful works of art.

2022 word of the year SPARK

See that little teaser image above? That’s a picture of my piece for the next issue of the Journal! I was so inspired by the word spark that I created something spectacular… something that, in turn, sparks even greater passion and creativity for me! That is what your word of the year can do for you; it can serve as a reminder, inspiration, encouragement… whatever you need it to be.

Choosing a 2022 Word of the Year

When you choose a word of the year, it’s important to choose one that is personal, significant, and actionable. It shouldn’t be a word that makes you think oh that’s nice and move on, it should be something that lights a fire under you and drives you towards action. 

Dionne kicking the air in red boots with the caption "find your sparkle" over a faded background

How to choose your own word for 2022:

  • Make a list of your goals for the year. Include both business and personal goals and try to be specific. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to improve? What are you letting go of?
  • Make a list of words that describe your personal intentions for the year. Less focused than a goal, an intention can be as simple as “more joy” or “less work” and usually describes what mindset and emotions you want to focus on each year.
  • Ask yourself what these two lists have in common. Is there some overlap? What is the overall outcome of your goals and intentions?
  • Choose a word to describe that outcome or what it might take to get there. There are a lot of online tools you can use to find just the right word for 2022. I personally love Word Hippo because it’s the most specific and nuanced thesaurus I’ve found.

Setting Intentions

The work isn’t done once you’ve chosen a word! It’s important to imbue that word with some intentions. For example, if your word for 2022 is GROWTH then it is important to define what that word means to you and how you will focus on it. Meditate and reflect on the word so that — when you see it, hear it, or think about it —  you’ll be inspired to take action.

How to Use Your 2022 Word of the Year

You didn’t think I’d ask you to do something and just set it aside, did you? Nope, you’re getting some homework! Once you’ve chosen a 2022 word of the year it is time to do something about it so here are some options:

2022 Vision Board

Many artists and creatives tend to be visual thinkers, preferring something tangible to focus on rather than abstract words and concepts. If you want to incorporate your 2022 word of the year into something you can actually see, try using your 2022 word of the year as a centerpiece on a vision board for what you want your 2022 to look like! Include things like inspiring quotes, aspirational photos, goals you want to accomplish, even books you want to read. Hang your vision board somewhere you’ll see it often, like your studio or office.


I love journaling; I think that taking a few minutes out of every day to write about our thoughts and feelings is a great way to process anything that might be blocking our creativity. Having a focus for your journals can be a really great tool for getting started. (Not sure how to start? Click here to read my journal ideas for artists!) Using your 2022 word of the year to guide that focus is the perfect start to a new daily habit.

Daily Affirmation

If you’re in my coaching groups then you know how much I believe in the power of positive affirmations. I believe that a lot of the change we wish to see in our lives and the world begins with the way we speak to ourselves and about ourselves. Your word of the year can be a daily reminder to yourself, like worthy or creative, or it can be something that inspires you to take action, like joy or balance. Whatever you choose, make sure to revisit it throughout the year.

2022 Word of the Year Suggestions

dionne standing in front of a mural with the text 'your sparkle is showing' over a faded background

Please feel free to use spark as your 2022 word of the year if it resonates with you! If you’re looking for some other ideas, here are a few of the other words I found inspiring…

  • Sparkle (we were thisclose to choosing sparkle over spark!)
  • Commit
  • Inspire
  • Lead
  • Self-Love
  • Grow
  • Create
  • Intention
  • Thrive
  • Peace
  • Community
  • Fun
  • Imagination
  • Innovate
  • Vision
  • Bravery
  • Passion
  • Connect

Share your 2022 word of the year below!

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