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It’s the end of the year, which usually means we’re all thinking about what’s coming up in the next year. As artists, especially those of us who paint furniture, it’s especially hard not to wonder what 2023 trends in art and decor we will see! In my opinion, no artist should ever conform to a trend just to fit in. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stay informed about what the world is interested in. Trends can actually encourage us to step out of our comfort zones — if only to see what all the hype is about! In fact, trends can serve as great inspiration for completely new directions in our art! 

Art is about discovering our own unique styles. This is done through exploration. We learn about the colors, textures, themes, and styles we are drawn to… but we also learn about the things that are just NOT for us. I remember back when farmhouse decor was getting real popular, right around the time when “shabby chic” was trending, too. Back then I was more worried about selling furniture to pay the bills than I was about defining my art style, so you best believe I was painting white and gray furniture like my life depended on it! Looking at my art today, it’s probably hard to believe that “white and gray” even exists in my vocabulary! But it took me going through that period of time to learn the foundation of my creative process: This girl needs color!!! 

I hope these 2023 trends inspire you to explore and try new things. 

We Predict These 2023 Trends 

The Fall issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal came out in October of 2022 and, in it, we devoted a full page to the 2023 trends that we think will be big! 

DIY Customization

Social media has made it so that every trend is over-saturated within months or even (in the case of some particularly ear-wormy songs from viral videos) just days! So how does the fashion-forward creative stay ahead of the trend? We predict that 2023 will be the year of showcasing our individualism with handcrafted customizations ranging from hand-painted denim and 3D printed jewelry to crochet handbags and customized trim. This trend is about embracing the intersection between your unique taste and creative skills.

Note: I’d like to add that I think 3D elements in art will be an especially big trend next year as a result of the rising trend in AI-generated images. Keep your eye out for more texture and art that extends beyond the canvas.

Disco meets Y2K

2023 trend blog image of armoire with text "disco meets y2k"

Expect to see lots of sunny color, floral prints, luxe textures, and verrry wide pant legs next year! The organic shapes and earthy tones we saw this year have us all craving something bold and what’s bolder than attention-grabbing colors, fabrics, and shapes? Embrace this trend in every area of your life… We all deserve to stand out from the crowd from time to time! This blend of bright colors, funky patterns, and smiley faces fits right in with our next trend… 

Modern Maximalism

Minimalism was fine for a minute, but here at the Journal we couldn’t be happier to celebrate the return of maximalism! For a take on this trend that’s less “Nana’s kitchen circa 1994” and more modern and bright, we suggest selecting items that bring you joy, from that hand-painted armoire that ties your room together to the collection of vintage brass napkin rings you inherited. Rather than trying to hide away all the parts that make life lovely and beautiful, celebrate them!

2023 Trends In Color: Peach!

Earth tones were everywhere in 2022 and we don’t think they’ll be going anywhere soon. But if you’re looking to take your interiors beyond the basics, we recommend choosing a more saturated version of this year’s hues. Our favorite 2023 trend is a color somewhere between coral and terra cotta! It’s a perfect marriage of last year’s organic-inspired designs and 2023’s return to bright, bold color stories and textures. Pair with patterns, luxe metallics, and natural fibers for a cohesive color story.

Note: Since we wrote this story, Pantone announced the color of the year for 2023: Viva Magenta! We think it will pair beautifully with the peachy tone we love for next year.

2023 Trends According to Pinterest

Pinterest just released their Pinterest Predicts trend report for 2023 and there are a few trends that I am looking forward to!

Pinterest’s 2023 Color Trend: Burnt Orange

According to Pinterest, we’re going to see this color make its debut as a wedding accent. This is good news for me because it will go well with the peach and magenta colors I’m expecting to see.

Hipstoric Home

Pinterest says that hand-me-down furniture and upcycled antiques are going to be HUGE next year… which is probably the best news I’ve ever heard! As a furniture artist, it brings me so much joy to see people embrace adding new life into old things. Pinterest also agrees that eclectic maximalism is going to be big next year (we called it!), so investing in a furniture makeover is a great way to hop on that trend without having to buy new things! A few coats of paint and some wax will have you on your way to mastering a maximalist makeover.

Rave Culture

Remember how I said that we’d see a lot of 1970s-meets-Y2k? Well, we were right? Pinterest says we should expect to see rave culture (think bright colors, patterns, and fun accessories) bleed into other design elements. 

How to Use 2023 Trends

I hope I’ve been pretty clear: my goal is NOT to get anyone to follow the trends just because it’s trendy. But I also know that white and gray furniture can pay the bills!

I hope that you can use this guide to make a living creating art that you’re proud of. That’s all any of us want out of life, right? To find that magic balance between passions and priorities. 

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