5 Tricks to Make Art Every Day

Jan 14, 2021 | 0 comments

How to Make Art a Daily Habit!

The best way to improve at anything is practice! Whether you’re a beginner artist or an old pro, creating art every day will be a game changer. Of course, like working out or learning a new language, doing something every single day is a little easier said than done. Thankfully, I have some of my best tips right here to get you on the the road to #ArtEveryDay!

Try a series.

You know this girl loves a series! 

A canvas art series of expressions in many colors

I find that, when I’m feeling stuck, I find inspiration in trying to paint myself out of a box. Usually I give myself a set of parameters, like sunsets or expressions or female figures and explore all the variations of that within myself. Often I find myself waking up more and more excited to start a new piece each day!

Start an art journal.

I’m a big believer in an art journal (I’ve sent one to just about all my friends) because I think it’s a small commitment that can lead to big change. Painting a little bit every day is a great way to get that creative energy flowing through your veins 

  • Use daily prompts.
  • Draw the same thing every day.
  • Join a monthly art challenge.
  • Just warm up.

Even if your only art for the day is a few swipes on a sheet of paper, you’ve made some art! 

Play with color.

A close up photo of a color palette book

Color is one of the most inspiring things in the world! So many of my pieces are inspired by the world around me: a sunset or a flower or the lights on a carousel in Paris. If the world around you isn’t particularly colorful at the moment, you can try using a color palette generator like Coolors.co or reading a book like my personal favorite, Color Collective’s Palette Perfect: Color Combinations Inspired by Fashion, Art and Style by Lauren Wagner.

Join a group.

One of the most powerful things I’ve ever done for my art and business is starting The Turquoise Iris Creative Connection! All it takes is about 10 seconds of scrolling through all the incredible art our members make for me to suddenly feel the urge to paint! I truly believe that creatives are meant to be surrounded by other creatives so that we can inspire and encourage one another.

Reward yourself. 

A friend of mine told me she potty-trained her daughter by bribing her. If her daughter sat on the potty she’d get a Cheerio but if she actually used it she got an M&M! So, naturally, that kid was trained in a week. 

I’m not saying give yourself a Cheerio every time you paint, but the best way to create consistent action is to make it something you look forward to doing! You could put a dollar in a jar every time you lay down some paint and buy new art supplies every time you finish a piece. Find something that makes your heart race and treat yourself to it… but only if you create something.

Small, consistent actions are what create the greatest change. Make art every day!

Some people seem to hold the belief that everything they create must be beautiful, or even good. I’m here to tell you that’s just not true! It doesn’t matter what you think of the art you make. Each and every time you put color onto your canvas you are doing something extraordinarily beautiful: you are participating in the act of creation. 

What is more beautiful than bringing something new into the world?!

I hope you take time to create something new today. The world would benefit so much from what you have to offer.

Be well and love much, 


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