A Gorgeous Teal Green Dresser Furniture Makeover #5 of My Series

Apr 25, 2016 | 6 comments


I didn’t want this dresser when I first saw it…walked right past it, actually.

I’m SOOO glad I went back and bought this dresser! It was the perfect piece to do this finish on.  The grain of the wood, the drawers ad hardware all together allowed me to create this patina with the color scheme I chose.  

This is the fifth piece in my series, all inspired by the rustic, old doors I see in images from Europe and all over the world.  The colors grab me, make me feel like I’m there, on vacation. Well, I love that, love it so much, I have a board on Pinterest titled, Doors. The image above is the one that inspired this colour palette. 

I also painted the canvas art to be included in the purchase of the dresser…#BONUS.

The broken light fixtures were a contribution from my husband.  I think they make great styling props!

I love me some malachite and marble!  Both of those rolls of gift wrap were left over from previous makeovers. 

I hope you enjoy this furniture makeover.  I find the colours absolutely mesmerizing.

As of now, this dresser is available on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris


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