About Dionne


Hi! I’m Dionne Woods, an artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When I’m not painting furniture and canvases for my business, The Turquoise Iris, I’m busy coaching other artists through The Turquoise Iris Creative Connection group or providing one-on-one mentorship on an invitation-only basis.

I combine my signature layering and blending techniques (#DoTheDionne) to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces. I pour the love and joy I feel when I’m painting into each and every brightly-colored piece! As a mentor, I combine expert advice that can only come from years of experience and a huge social media following with a positive, empowering approach to provide truly actionable steps and a whole lot of fun!

I live with my husband, Matt, our two sons Holden and Elijah, and our dog, Abbie. In addition to painting and coaching, I’m also a DIY Paint Retailer and I have a line of painting tools through Paint Pixie! When I’m not working on my latest piece, I’m eating pizza, making new friends, or out watching my boys play baseball.

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