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Jun 25, 2021 | 0 comments

We are preparing to open the doors for the Creative Connection again on July 1st. I am so excited! This group is a source of community, encouragement, and learning for creatives all around the world. I wanted to share why I’m so excited about this amazing group!

I want you to grow as an artist, so I share a new paint tutorial every single month. And, did you know that by joining the group you have access to FOUR years of paint tutorials and expert interviews that have been saved and organized?!? I can’t believe it’s been that long.

The Creative Connection is a community and I can’t imagine having it any other way. We are a group of artists who cheer each other on, support each other through successes and challenges, and are friends. Did I mention that it has become a built-in referral network?

With this community and teaching, our members have gained confidence in their work. I love watching women grow in their knowledge, experience, and courage to stand up and say “I AM AN ARTIST!”. I want you to be empowered to make goals and reach them for yourself and for your business. I encourage all members to try new things, new art styles, ask for help, and try new social media strategies. This can be challenging, but this is a safe space to explore your individual style!

If that isn’t enough, each month has a new paint challenge (with prizes!), exclusive access to our retreats and coaching programs, and the optional Best Self Book Club. The book club has been AMAZING!

The Creative Connection is a private group on Facebook. Join our waitlist and we’ll email you when the doors open. Once you sign up, you’ll be emailed information about accessing the group. That’s it! Please join us – I can’t wait to meet you!


“I’m so thankful to have the support of this group to do this together!!! Everything is more fun when you do it with people you love, right?”

“It’s also very strange to me how I painted my first flower on May 29, 2020 (I checked) & in less than three months someone is purchasing my florals. It’s surreal ~ strangely unbelievable, I still have so much to learn. I am so thankful for you Dionne, The Creative Connection & Everyone in the group. It’s because of all the aforementioned that I am in a position to write this post. I now have next to no art in my space & need to get painting. What an interesting rollercoaster I find myself on.”

“I just wanted to say dreams do come true. If it wasn’t for this group and EBD, most importantly Dionne’s retreat in Waco, Becka and I would have never met, never connected, and never built a paint company. Thank you D, from the bottom of our hearts, for pushing us to do hard things. We love you.” – Natasha Shea of Daydream Apothecary

“I’ve been a member since April (or was it May ) of 2018. I joined during a time I was looking for a supportive community where “Judgement” meant support, suggestions and encouragement. What I received in return was not only all of the above, but a coach who knew her stuff and wasn’t afraid to learn new things right along with us. She wasn’t afraid to share “all the things” and challenge her tribe to challenge themselves. It truly is a Creative Connection where we all learn from, and support each other. It’s such a joy to watch all the members grow from being artists, bakers, knitters, photographers, etc., to being business owners. Not a business owner? No worries! This is still the place for all of you creatives. Come on in and stay a while (or 2 years like me) and witness it firsthand. Thank you Dionne! ”

We’d love to have you join #TeamTurquoise! Sign up for the waitlist now!

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