Antique Periwinkle Cabinet

May 26, 2014 | 3 comments

I’ve been asked a lot lately about doing how-to instructions for my work.  I’ve also said before that I plan to take more photos of my step by step process. Both of these things seem like a challenge to me.  I’ve thought about what it is that is intimidating to me and have decided to admit I often don’t “plan” much. I mostly just “do”.  I often change my mind right as I begin to get started on a new piece and have been known to change my plan even after I already started painting.  The funny thing is, this is usually when a piece of furniture gets a lot of attention or seems to become a favorite of mine and to others. 

There are also the times I will “plan” a design and color for a piece for 2 weeks.  And, sometimes that is NOT a favorite of mine or others.  The thing I’m learning is to trust my instincts, don’t hesitate so much and to accept that I am still learning.  I will continue to make the wrong color choices, buy ugly furniture and all together screw up a piece of furniture.

But, guess what? I’m having fun and sometimes I create a piece that makes me happy!  If I’m lucky, someone else…it only takes one…will also love it and want to purchase it for their own home. Now, that, is awesome!

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!


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