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We all get stuck sometimes! If you’ve been feeling a little creatively blocked, try turning your art into play. This takes the pressure off of you to make something “beautiful” and allows you to have some fun and be more playful.
Finger-painting is still my favorite choice for creative play! Our group meets online very week and I rely on this time to lose myself on the canvas.🩵 One of my all time favorite floral landscapes is available to watch, exclusively on

📍 My next furniture & staging class is next week right here in Oklahoma City! I have fun things planned for our guests plus 5 hours of hands on instruction!
Tickets are available!

This full transformation video will be released soon on which will include the color recipe, tools needed and a pep talk! Let’s do this!🩵

#furnituremakeover #HowToPaint #PaintWorkshop #FurnitureArtist

I literally cried when I started this makeover. Why? I loved it before. It was Water Lily which is one of my very favorite colors from @diypaintbydebisdesigndiary It had been 1 1/2 and no one had purchased it so I swallowed my pride and created a brand new design — this one full of flowers, of course!
I have the full transformation coming in my next video. I wouldn’t say I love it more now but I appreciate how well DIY Paint allows me to change my mind. 🩵

It’s my birthday AND International Women’s Day!!! ✨✨ Thank you for showing up for one another, for yourselves and for me!! I could not do what I do without your support and encouragement, past and present! ...

Wear what makes you feel beautiful.

With the help of my mother in law and my friend @angienordstrumdesign , my chenille bedspreads have come to life as new kimonos! I’m in love with the process of mixing new and old. ##SlowFashion #SustainableFashion #EcoCouture #ThatsSewTTI

📍If you’ve ever wanted to breathe new life into your old furniture or ELEVATE your painting skills to pro status, then you’re in the right place! Join me in Oklahoma City for a furniture PAINTING & STAGING workshop!
What You’ll Get:
👉🏻Painting — I’ll teach you how to create a stunning furniture finish that will make your pieces stand out from the crowd.
👉🏻Staging — After some snacks and drinks, we’ll discover why staging is crucial in today’s digital age, the key elements to composing a visually pleasing picture, and how to capture an image that will entice your ideal audience.
👉🏻Hands-On Experience — Put your newfound knowledge to the test! I will provide an array of props and materials to ignite your creativity and you’ll roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of furniture staging.
👉🏻Snacks & Drinks — It’s hard to be creative when you’re hungry! I’ll have snacks and drinks on hand.

3 things I’ve learned from painting 👗 dresses.
1. Exploring another canvas has stretched my creativity.
2. It’s as important to me to redesign clothing like it is for me to make over a piece of furniture.
#handPainted #WeddingGown #DressDesigner #WearableArt #RedesignedApparel My favorite brushes are my collection from @paintpixiebrushes

I’m finally tackling this vanity makeover and filming for I decided to use my own velvet fabric for color inspiration. ( You can see it there draped on the mannequin)

I painted this 1 1/2 ago in cool tones and no one has purchased her, so I’m going warm and wildflower style this time! Wish me luck! ☀️🌾🌸

Today, during my weekly book club, I read the words from @jamiekernlima “Your set backs are actually your setups for what’s coming” Now, those of you that spend time around here or in one of my creative circles are gonna get so tired of hearing me repeat these words.

BUT, this perspective is just soooo good! It has to be shared over and over again!
#wordsofwisdom #SaturdayMood #Vibes #WatercolorPainting

👉🏻3 TIPS for naming your artwork ⬇️
1. Find and Read an inspiring poem.
2. Circle the Words that stand out to you.
3. Create a new Phrase or title from your favorites.
#LargeWallArt #ArtSeries #LargeFlorals

Hat No. 240…Unapologetically turning heads since 2021. 🎩 We just dropped a dozen more to my site!
#HandPainted #DesignerHat #OneofAKind #WearMoreHats

We gotta keep it light around here sometimes! Thanks to these two that kept me laughing through our latest little video sesh! This is my idea of fun right here 😁

No. 17 in my hand painted dress collection is Rosa Marie! Madison is wearing the velvet detachable train I made for it with my new fabric collection. The print is called Timeless Flora🌸. I’m calling this set up “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue.”

Do you know someone that would love this look?!

Modeling @madison_.thomas

#ThatsSewTTI #VelvetCollection #HandPaintedDress #VintageChic

DIY detachable dress train in 3 easy steps ⬇️

1. Take two yards of velvet fabric.
2. Stitch a seam on one edge.
3. Run coordinating ribbon through the pocket seam, and Voilà!
Add to any dress or outfit!🤍🩵🩷 Be sure to tag me #ThatsSewTTI if you use my velvet fabric for a project!!
#BohoBride #BridalDress #PartyDress #HandPaintedDress

Have you ever just let yourself be bad on purpose?
Embrace it. Be free. No ego.

👉🏻Be Bad On Purpose
Relieve the pressure of perfection and release the need to know it all by doing the absolute bare minimum on your next project.

ACTION STEP 👉 Paint a subject you’ve never painted before, no practice or sketching allowed. I want you to paint directly onto a canvas of your choice and focus more on FUN than producing anything “good.” Create for creativity’s sake!

Last week, I heard an artist say, “If you want exact, don’t be an artist. Be an engineer.”

It’s all just a big ole experiment sometimes. I love the process.

🌟 New Arrival Alert 🌟

Introducing the epitome of luxury: our exclusive velvet fabric collection! Each purchase not only adds a touch of elegance to your space, but also supports not just one, but TWO small family-owned businesses! 🙌🏼

Spread the love and sophistication while making a positive impact.

What do you envision creating with our gorgeous velvet? Share your ideas in the comments below and let’s inspire each other! Don’t miss out!

Tap the link in our bio to shop now!

#LuxuryFabric #SupportLocalBusinesses #ShopSmall #VelvetLove #InteriorDesignInspo @okcfabricmarket

I’m using the new Painterly paint by @diypaintbydebisdesigndiary for all of my dress designs. I absolutely love how the paint creates a watercolor look.
Whether it’s through painting, embellishing, or adding unique touches, there’s something magical about breathing new life into discarded clothing.
I can’t decide if another color is necessary so I’m walking away for today. I’ll revisit this tomorrow with fresh eyes and new light!
#RedesignedApparel #HandPaintedDress EcoCouture #WearableArt #PaintedClothing #SlowFashion #Revel+Ravelution

You don’t need a lot of money to have art on your walls! Here’s a few tips! #WallArt #LargeArtwall #EasyTips #EasyWallArt #VelvetFabric #DIYArt #Triptych #Diptych ...

Matt is the best!! This was a special surprise for me + we can now walk into this room again! I am so grateful he organizes my wild ideas.!! ❤️❤️ welcome to Woods’s bridal or Woods’s fabric shop, or whatever😂😂 I LOVE it!!🥰 ...

Easy large abstract flowers?! You bet you can. Watch this. #easypainting #howtopaint #largewallart #largeflorals #largewallcanvas ...

I recently read a book by Scott Shute from LinkedIn called Full Body Yes. His message is powerful and really helped me last week when I found myself anxious and worrying.

Ego had a seat at my table…so I kindly told it to ski-daddle! Buh-Bye!

The thing is, I knew better and I wasn’t doing anything that I hadn’t already done hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Sometimes, anxiety isn’t so bad. It will actually tell you how important something is to you, but this time, it helped me to remember my WHY.

What’s helps you most when you’ve let something or someone get a grip on your creativity?

Creating my own fabric isn’t about coming up with a new product; it is a journey of exploration and craftsmanship that couldn’t have been possible without the support of my community.

Thank you for your unwavering support to all of my wild ideas! I cannot wait to see the photos of all the projects you come up with! I’m working with @okcfabricmarket for my velvet designs!
#HomeDecor #WearableArt #VelvetFabrics #MyHomeStyle #BohoVelvets

🩵The BEST things can happen when you get outside your comfort zone, which is why I am so excited to announce that I have just launched a line of velvet boho fabric!!!

🩵I never set out to be a textile designer. A few months ago, I was talking with the editor of The Turquoise Iris Journal. Like me, she believes that the heart of our creativity lies in the things we loved to make before we knew all the “rules” of art, so she encouraged me to go back to my roots. To me, that’s finger painting and mixed media art.

🩵I was having fun one day, making a bit of a mess and trying things I’ve never tried before. The finished art project was NOTHING like I ever thought I would create but, to be honest, I loved it! I shared it with my friends and followers online and was blown away by how many of them begged me to turn that art into something totally different… Fabric!

🩵Despite never having designed fabric before, something about the challenge called to me and I found myself turning my paintings into patterns online. As I shared those images with the people I trust, they confirmed my suspicions: it was time to turn my art into velvet boho fabric.

#WearableArt #FabricDesigner #HomeDecor #LifeStyleFabrics #Interiors

These in person events bring so much joy!! I’m just gonna say Day 2 is called a whole lotta happiness!!

Off to Day 3!!

There’s nothing better than a paint party with creative people!! I’m here in Solana Beach for the DIY Painterly paint party! The weather was gorgeous and the company was something special! #DIYPaint ...

Product styling Tip No. 3! ( See tip 1 & 2 to know what this is exactly and how I made it.
1. Hang this as a backdrop to use for your product photography.
2. This creates branding that helps your audience recognize you as they scroll.
3. This is another way to save $$$ and as a business owner, we are always looking for creative ways to personalize our photos.
#productstyling #backdrop #CustomBackdrop #PhotoTips #EasyProps #StylingHack #LifeHacks #savethispost

Which would you choose? I want to have my antique green settee recovered in my new velvets but I can’t decide if I should do one print or a mix of 2 or more?
I simply couldn’t wait any longer! Featuring my paintings and designed by me, this new royal velvet fabric is now available on my site!
Let me know your favorite made the cut for this first collection release! #FabricMakeover #VelvetMakeover #efflorescenceCollection #HomeStyle #ThatsSewTTI

‘Before’. The word itself feels intimidating. Attached is what comes next and that’s the hope that something ‘better’ derives from before. I always encourage my online classes to allow the process to just become, without control, but with enthusiasm.

The ‘during’ is the uncomfortable time we spend begging our subconscious to create something of interest to our buyers, our audience.

Oh please, ‘after’, be something that proves my long hard dedication to creating.

Drop a 🙋🏻‍♀️ if this is sometimes you, also.
#OnlineClass #HowToPaint #FurnitureMakeover #FurnitureArtist #DIYPaint

My latest obsession: royal velvets from my first fabric collection, ‘Efflorescence’. More to come! #RoyalVelvets #HomeCollection #LifestyleFabrics #BohoVelvet #WearableArt ...

As a small business owner for 14 years, I’ve rocked, I’ve rolled, pivoted and jumped quite a few times. That’s what it’s all about, right? Be brave, be bold, be you. Okayyyyyyy….I’m jumping again! Are you with me?

My fabrics launch this Sunday! I’ve found a fantastic local fabric printer to help us take my artwork, redesign the patterns and bring this first collection, ‘Efflorescence’, to you. The velvets are luxurious, vibrant and oh so swoon worthy. I hope you love seeing my artwork translated into fabrics! #TTIHomeStyle #TTLifeStyle #ThatsSewTTI #WearableArt #InteriorFabric #VelvetFabric

Tips for staging! It’s staging day for my latest hand painted floral buffet. I’ve used an all natural paint called DIY Paint ( available on my website ).
1. Remember to add elements that provide contrast.
2. The goal is a scroll stopping photo, so if there were ever a time to go all out, this would be it.
3. Consider the elevation of your staging pieces, as well as the depth in which you place them on the piece.
4. Take your photos at different times of the day and decide which one is more accurate.

You don’t have to spend any money to get this look. Easy product styling….👌🏻
No scrap left behind!
Save a scrap!
Give a scrap!
#StagingProps #PhotographyStyling #ProductStyling #GiveaScrap #NoScrapLeftBehind #StylingTips #ProductPhotography Hat by @lauren_daigle

We did it! Our fabrics will be available soon! Make sure you’re on the mailing list to know the dates we drop the first home collection!
#StyleGuide #HomeStyle #FabricCollection #FabricDesigner

My product styling tip No. 2!
Use something you already have, deconstructed, and put it back together in a new way!

You do not have to spend very much money, if any at all to create something you love by using your own creativity! #productStyling #OutsidetheBox #StylingTips

ACTION STEP 👉Compare your work from the start of 2023 to your work now. They say that comparison is the thief of joy but, sometimes, it can also open our eyes to the growth we’ve achieved over time!

Compare your artwork from the beginning of the year to your most recent piece. In your art journal, take note of what has changed and what has remained the same. Are you using the same colors but exploring new subjects? Are you trying new mediums? Then, make a list of the NEW creative adventures you want to take this year!
#MagnoliaBlooms #HandPainted #DIYPaint #PaintedFurniture #ColorStyle #HomeStyle #Maximalism #PaintedFlowers

More than any other, this year taught me about the powerful bond between creativity, confidence and connection.

I learned to how to better make mistakes, say I’m sorry more often and love myself more for it. I learned when to stay quiet and just listen, and when to speak up with conviction.

I learned limiting beliefs will make their way into every nook and cranny, but my faith will let the light in.

I’m going in to 2024 with a plan to have more fun, trust my intuition and lead with more love than ever before.

🥂 Cheers to you! Happy New Year!✨ #Emerge

I’m so excited!! I’ve wanted to offer you fabrics for years but I didn’t know where to start! All I had to do was ask and several of you knew about @okcfabricmarket already! I was so happy to know that Dragos and his wife own a shop not too far from me.
Today, we rolled out the first 3 prints for The Turquoise Iris Home Collection!!!🥳🥳🥳 I’m starting with velvets and I’m absolutely in love.
Keep an eye out for our official launch date!
#HomeStyle #ArtLover #FabricStore #FabricPrinting #WearableArt

Learn how to wrap branches and blooms around a buffet to create a wallpaper effect. It’s easy, I promise! #furnituremakeover #DIYPaint By @diypaintbydebisdesigndiary Brushes by @paintpixiebrushes #HowToVideos #OnlineClass #CreativeConnection ...

Has anyone gotten a chance to try the new Painterly product from DIY Paint? I just got more in stock and to say I am HOOKED is an understatement! What does everyone think?

(PS not sure how to use this new medium? Check out the upcoming Painterly workshop!) Tickets are available on my site! We would love to show you how unique and special this brand new paint is!

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