THE Guide to Beating Artist’s Block

Feb 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Even the best creatives get hit by artists block every now and then! I thought I would put together the ultimate resource guide for beating a creative block! First, click here to watch the video for my 5 tips for beating artist’s block. Then keep on scrolling for examples, resources, and ideas!

5 Tips for Beating a Creative Block

Most of the time, when we’re hit with a creative block we have no idea what’s causing it and just need to shake up our routine to loosen the block a little!

Go Outside

going outside can help fix an art block!

This is consistently my favorite advice to give! There’s not much that a change of scenery can’t fix. Learn more here.

Try an Art Journal

art journals are a good way to get past artist's block

Use words, play with color, make a doodle or a sketch… and see how it unlocks your creativity! I think a daily practice is the key to inspiration.


when i get a creative block I find that finger painting helps the most

Have you ever heard the phrase “hands-on learner”? I think making a mess and really getting your hands dirty when you’re creating opens up something organic and beautiful. Read my tips here for finger painting flowers, a great subject for anyone who wants to give finger painting a try!

Get a Buddy

Maybe a creative friend can help get you over artist's block?

Talk to a creative friend about the different ways you each approach art! Read why I think learning from other artists is the best thing you can do for your business.

Don’t have time to talk paint with friends? You can listen to PaintTalks’s Podcast while you multitask! Over on my podcast I get to have conversations with the creatives featured in The Turquoise Iris Journal about their lives as creative business owners. Click here to listen!

Try Something New 

intuitive painting

The key is trying something that you’ve never done before! Whether that’s a new subject or a color you avoid, working outside your comfort zone is sure to snap you out of any funk. Some ideas for you…

Artist’s Block Still Got You Down?

Sometimes we get into a rut that we just plain don’t know how to climb back out of. 

When I welcome new members to my private coaching group, Empowered by Design, we begin our 6-month course with a module on mindset. Why? Because your mindset is the difference between hoping for success and guaranteeing it. If you’re still feeling stuck, here are a few of my favorite mindset shifting activities for creatives to try.

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