Before & After Blue Montana Sky Wardrobe ~ Drip, Drip, Drip ~ Coastal Waters Taken To New Heights

Aug 5, 2016 | 1 comment

Yep, I took this makeover pretty literal with all these drippy drips.  Check it out!

My youngest took this photo of me.  Didn’t he do well? He was eager to help and took it very seriously. 

See what I mean about ALL the drips? The gold and turquoise are the Aurora Staining Gels from Heirloom Traditions Paint. I intend on having a good time using these.  They are colorful and easy to use and right up my alley.

You really have to have vision when you see those really U-G-L-Y pieces of furniture there, right?!?!

The base is Blue Montana Sky and the accent blue is Windsor Blue.  I love them both separately but paired together, they’re spectacular. 

I posted this big fella on Tuesday and it sold in two days!  Can you believe that craziness? I’m having the BEST time painting this summer and hoping the next season brings me as much joy. 

I have a couple of pieces available on my website if anyone’s interested,

This was my fifth piece in this series, Coastal Waters.  For a look back over the first four, click HereHereHere, and Here

Hat’s off to all of you to a wonderful weekend!!


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