Christmas Party Outfits

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‘Tis the season… for PARTIES! It’s that time of year when we get together with friends, family, and even coworkers to celebrate the holiday season! I don’t love cold weather or Christmas colors all that much, so when it comes time for me to put together Christmas party outfits I tend to lean more towards color and sparkle than anything else! I was feeling a little uninspired when it came to outfits this year, but then I remembered my latest line of hand-painted hats…

christmas party outfits - red and green hat

My line of painted hats has been one of my most popular product lines of all time! These hats are hand-painted by me and finished with personalized trim and details, like gorgeous iris pins and velvet ribbons. They always sell out crazy fast which, honestly, I kind of understand. Do you know how hard it is to not keep them all? I’m always inspired by fun accessories so I thought I would use my latest series of hats to inspire some cute Christmas party outfits that are sure to get you feeling cute and cozy!

christmas party outfit featuring a hand painted hat and blue dress top

Here are some of my favorite outfits that have just the right amount of color and sparkle! 

Christmas Party Outfits

I don’t believe in any hard-and-fast rules when it comes to the clothes we wear but, whatever the dress code, the key to any outfit is CONFIDENCE! Wear the things that bring you joy — if you’re not smiling at your own reflection then keep trying until you do. I like to think of getting ready as a warm-up for any creative process that may take place later in the day. Having fun, trying new things, and being creative with my styling makes me feel more excited to get out and create. These Christmas party outfit ideas are just suggestions that you can take and make your own!

Casual Christmas Party Outfits

Does the dress code call for something casual? Why don’t you try…

christmas party outfits - casual outfit featuring linen pants, graphic tee, sneakers, bomber jacket, and hat

Pairing a graphic tee with a pair of casual-cute linen pants? Top it with a bomber jacket and felt hat to stay warm! You could pair this look with booties or a pair of sneakers depending on how casual you want to go.

christmas party outfits - casual outfit featuring a graphic tee, linen pants, sneakers, a bomber jacket, and a hat

Cocktail Christmas Party Outfits

If your normal going-out-outfit can be described as “nice jeans and a cute top,” it’s time to think outside the box…

christmas party outfits blazer

Skip the plain denim and opt for something a little more inspired! I paired these adorable pants with a cool blazer and simple top for a twist on the trend. You’ll notice that everything is within the same cool color palette to achieve a look that’s effortlessly cool.

christmas party outfits blazer and jeans

Cute Christmas Party Outfits

If there’s no dress code but you still want to dazzle, here are my suggestions:

Christmas party outfits - cocktail party featuring faux-leather leggings, a velvet top, and a hat

It’s your time to shine, darling! Pair some faux-leather leggings with boots, velvet, and lots of sparkle for a cute, edgy outfit. I love this look because it can be interpreted so many ways – add a leather jacket on top for added warmth that makes you look extra cool or throw on a big cozy sweater to tone it down. Either way, make sure you’re pairing this look with your favorite accessories for some added shine.

Cozy Christmas Party Outfits

Outdoor party? This time of year?! Make the most of a chilly situation with a cozy outfit.

christmas party outfits - warm outfit for winter featuring fuzzy boots, a sweater, and a split sleeve cape

For this look, I paired a festive holiday sweater with some lace-up winter boots and a split sleeve blazer for a look that’s equal parts wonderful and warm!

christmas party outfits warm

Pajama Party Outfits

I LOVE to wear dresses and heels and jewelry but I know that’s not for everyone so, if you want to keep things simple on the big day, try hosting a pajama party for Christmas! Here are my tips for looking pretty in your PJs:

pajama party outfit ideas

Step one: get a pair of cute, structured pajamas. Step two: that’s it.

As much as I love an excuse to dress up, it can be fun to throw a pajama party now and then! Fill up those mugs with tea or cocoa and throw on a pair of satin, flannel, or silk structured pajamas for a look that is as cute as it is cozy. If you must accessorize, try a velvet scrunchie and some soft boots to keep the comfort theme going.

Family Picture Outfits

The trick for great family photos is to skip the matchy-matchy outfits and find a color palette that works for everyone. That way your outfits are cohesive without the dreaded “retail worker uniform” vibe that can happen when everyone shows up in red polos.

family picture outfits christmas card

If you’re putting together photos for your annual family Christmas card, you can’t go wrong with blues and denim! They look good on everyone and you’re more likely to find a variety of styles and textures that will look cohesive without looking too matchy-matchy. Even if you’ll just be snapping a few candid pics while you trim the tree, a monochromatic color palette can help keep the focus on your smiling faces!

Christmas party outfits - monochromatic

Looking for something a little more formal? Look for luxe fabrics like lace or silk and pair it with wide-leg paints and boots for an elegant monochrome look that you’ll love.

christmas party outfits

christmas party outfits dressy

Love the hats and need one for your own Christmas party outfits? Visit my shop to see what’s in stock!

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