Coastal or Christmas – I Staged This Armoire Twice

Sep 28, 2016 | 0 comments

     I thought it might be fun to stage this armoire two different ways. I’m often asked how I choose what to use in my photos and also, where I find my inspiration. So, below were my choices…coastal and Christmas. 

Introducing…No. 2 in my series, Perfectly Imperfect

I love contrast.  I always use something shiny with rustic items. I also like to use “white” space as real space to create balance. Above, I used pine cones and a mercury glass jar to create this texture. Below, the marble vase keeps the curly willow branch from going too rustic.

     I used paint from General Finishes for the exterior of this piece. The colors I combined were Summertime Blue, Midnight Blue and Halycon Blue

     Now, I normally would NEVER bust out Santa this early in the year 
( don’t curse me ). However, I just knew my favorite Santa would look so good with this armoire.  I had to get it out and stage it up.  I have already put it all back up, though. I’m one to roll my eyes at the stores filling their shelves already with Christmas decorations.  I’m old school and prefer to see all of this AFTER Thanksgiving! The rest of the decor were the ones “left behind”. You know the ones…they get looked over when you clean up your holiday decor. I will find these days after and instead of getting back in the attic, I shove them in a cabinet. 

     Who else loves this pop of color inside? I don’t usually paint the interior but this piece needed it.  Before, it was sort of a dark hole and this pop was a huge compliment to the shades of blue.  I actually sold this armoire already…Yea! 

     As much as I don’t want to admit, the Christmas photos of this piece are my favorites but I promise, Santa is going back in the closet for a few more weeks.
These are the colors I used. I love making a mess with paint! 
Am I alone?

You guys have yourself a wonderful evening and we will chat soon.


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