Confession – The Fall Season and I Are Not Friendly and This Navy & Teal Furniture Makeover

Oct 7, 2016 | 6 comments

     Sorry to be the odd ball here, but I don’t like Fall.  This season does NOT make me happy.  Impending doom and gloom…that’s all I think.  Fall means it’s almost WINTER – Nooooo!!! I despise Winter. The plants die, the flowers die, and the leaves fall off the trees leaving them vulnerable and sad looking. Plus, the cold wind here in Oklahoma hurts my face, makes my ears hurt and eventually just freezes me, to the bone. I’ll be freezing December through March. The older I get the more I’m affected by the weather. 
     I can’t help it…I love the sunlight, the warmth, the green trees and gorgeous flowers that fill the Spring and Summer months. Yes, after the temperature has been 100 degrees and 80 percent humidity, it’s a welcomed drop when it dips below 80 degrees here but it never stays long.  Soon, we will be shivering all the time and running to our cars and adding clothing layers and layers to our bodies. What is so great about all that, anyway?
     Now that you are all thinking I’m a big weirdo, I will admit, Fall does mean brightly colored mums and pansies. Oh, and I also love pumpkin spice lattes from Panera Bread ( without whipped cream ). On the bright side, the mums make staging my photos a whole lot of fun, too. I actually hung that huge basket on the wall for these photos. 

     You should have seen me trying to catch a grasshopper that rode in with that yellow mum…hilarious.  It hopped out right on to my arm and took off hopping. I then had to challenge it to a dual…sad ending for that little guy ( I have a Doberman Pincher ). 

     Have any of you ever seen a piece of furniture like this? Check out the design. It was love at first sight for me.  The navy and teal layered really well on this piece and the yellow, well, yellow is always happy to me. 

I used all products from CeCe Caldwell’s Paints for this furniture makeover. This is available on my shop, The Turquoise Iris. I adore this piece and my mom wants it for Christmas so if you want it, you better hurry! Haha!

I’m signing off and already looking forward to SPRING, Lol.


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