Conviction or Mainstream? I’m Learning With Every New Piece

Sep 10, 2016 | 6 comments

{ Conviction }
Every great oak tree started out as a couple of 
nuts who stood their ground. 

So, I think I’ve reached a turning point with my business plan. I’ve been trying to create my own “brand”, my original look and style for awhile. Once I decided to paint with conviction and not necessarily mainstream, I noticed an increase in my sales.  Growth in my social media has really taken off and I’m absolutely having the time of my life. 

“Sunsets are proof that no matter 
what happens, 
every day can end beautifully.” 

My family knows that I am a lover of sunsets, always have been.  My youngest son is especially in tune with my love for the evening sun.  He loves being the one to bring the sky to my attention. He makes me so proud.  I want both of my kids to notice the little things in life that we sometimes take for granted. The colors are breathtaking and I really tried to capture those here with this makeover.

Here is my third piece in this series, Summer Sunsets. I went more literal with this one. It wasn’t necessarily my plan but once I started, it evolved pretty quickly.  The colors layered so well and blending just made the sunset come alive. 

Below is my inspiration image. Love, Love, Love.

Pinterest image from
I used paint from CeCe Caldwell’s  again for this piece. I gathered up Middleton Mustard, Pueblo Pepper, Blue Montana Sky and Loomis Eggplant. You can see some pink in there too but that color was just left on the brush I used ( because that’s how I roll ). The Canyon Copper metallic wax was the obvious choice for this finish. I just used it to highlight a few areas. 

I’ve had a few people suggest the blue on the bottom right looks like trees and foliage. I didn’t see that at first but isn’t that amazing?!?! I love that someone could see something I didn’t. 

This compliment from a reader blew me away. 

She wrote, “I have to say, you are probably the most inspiring furniture refinishing artist I have come across. You have inspired me more than anyone else I have seen. I was in such a slump at my own shop with all my projects piling up. I have for sure had creators block and you have brought of my slump. Thank you.”

Are you kidding me? Those are words that will bring tears to my eyes, flood gates open. I kept reading that over and over again. I 
find my own inspiration through your comments, your kindness, your honesty. 
Thank you. 

This piece is for sale on my website,

I’m planning my next makeover. I can’t wait to show you! If you missed the first two makeovers in this series, you can see them Here and Here.


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