Get In Touch With Your Creative Side

Feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut? Experience the joy of creative abandon with Creativity at Your Fingertips! This exclusive membership group for artists will have you getting hands-on with paint for a more expressive artistic style.

Recapture the childlike freedom of creative flow!

Nothing hurts more than finally finding time to paint and then being struck by artist’s block! Fortunately, after years of experience, I have found the cure: finger painting! There’s some sort of magic that happens between your hands and the canvas that frees you of your fear, doubt, and shame in order to create something powerful.

Each month features a new painting design that is broken down into weekly tutorials. Member can join live for a fun, engaging, and often very messy chat where we talk about anything that’s on our minds. Or you can tune in for the #replay and share your thoughts when you have time! Plus, new members gain instant access to all previous tutorials.

Here’s What Our Members Have to Say:

“Your tutorials help me get through life!”

“I am my own worst critic and I tend to get in my own way. With Dionne’s voice in the back of my head, over-shadowing my negative thoughts that enter, I feel like I have the courage to keep trying and trying.”

“I love this group and fingerpainting. Now I want to paint everything in my house!”

“It feels like we get as much ‘feel good’ inspiration from Dionne as we do paint instruction, I am so happy I joined this group!”

Want a sneak peek?

Here are some of my favorite canvases we’ve finger-painted in the group!

Creativity at Your Fingertips is Now Open!


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