DIY Art Hacks

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If you’re here then you already know that being an artist is soooo much more than putting some color on a canvas. There are so many additional little skills that we must learn along the way, especially when it comes to staging and photographing our work because a good photo can make all the difference between “for sale” and “sold.” What no one tells you is that all those big, successful artists you see with bright pictures all over their big splashy websites probably hired experts to help! Not all of us can afford a personal photographer and stylist, though, which is where these DIY art hacks can come to your rescue!

DIY Art Hacks for Beginners

These hacks are so simple that I’m a little afraid you’ll laugh… but they really are game changers!

  • Use the press and seal plastic wrap on your paint trays for easy cleanup! While I do use acrylics, most of my painting is done using DIY Paint because I love the clay base and the way it can be reactivated with water… Which means that my palettes can get muddy pretty easily. I love being able to clean up with one little tug at the plastic so I can paint something new right away!
  • Keep your canvases primed and ready. There’s nothing worse than being on a roll with your creativity and suddenly realizing that you have to wait for your primer or gesso to dry. Whatever you use as a canvas, prep it as soon as you bring it home so you’re prepared when inspiration strikes.
  • Think outside the box… The big box art store, that is. I have found a lot of materials at the hardware store for far cheaper than I’ve gotten them at a chain craft store. Rollers, plaster, sponges, tape, and drop cloths are easy to find at half the price.

Art Hacks: Easy Tricks for Taking Pictures of Your Art

Dionne's studio featuring a large window and small tripod.

Here are some simple tricks that you can use to take your photo game to the next level.

I hate to say it, but in this day and age of constant content and lightning-fast scrolls, good photos can really make or break your business. Knowing how to get a good shot is key, and there are two really easy steps you can take to immediately step up your snapshot game.

How to Move Large Furniture Solo

Art Hacks: Moving Large Furniture Solo

The first thing every artist learns is that LIGHTING IS KEY. There’s nothing worse than wrapping up a makeover on a massive piece of furniture only to realize that every picture you take is dim and dull. Never get stuck taking pics in a stuffy room again with my tricks for moving large pieces!

DIY White Box for Photographing Products

There’s really nothing better for product pictures than a clean, white, shadow-free background… but white boxes can be pricy! This hack is crazy easy and you probably have everything on hand already.

Art Hacks: Simple Staging Tips

Need some stand-out staging for your art and products? These easy staging tricks will stop that scroll in its tracks as your followers get lost in the simple beauty of your photo.

How to Set a Table With Flowers

Here’s a hack that will help you year-round! If you’re looking for a terrific table setting, flowers are always the right choice!

How to Style a Photo With Wildflowers

Now that you’ve got a flower-covered table, learn how to snap interesting angles for eye-catching pictures. 

How to Stage Furniture Like a Pro

Are you a furniture artist like me? Staging a piece of furniture makes ALL the difference when it comes to sales! I’ve had pieces sell before they even made it to my website simply from posting a single staged picture. 

What are your favorite art hacks?

Let me know in the comments! I love learning new tips and tricks.


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