DIY Fabric Wall Art

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Transform your space on a budget! You only need three things to make this DIY fabric wall art: a canvas, some fabric, and a staple gun! With just a few simple steps, you can turn old or inexpensive canvases into stunning and unique art pieces that will instantly elevate any room. Whether you prefer bold patterns, subtle textures, or luxurious fabrics like velvet, this tutorial is completely customizable! It’s such an easy way to add unique art to your home while exploring your own creativity. 

image of canvases, some painted and some wrapped in fabric, with the words "DIY fabric wall art" in white text on the bottom left corner.

DIY Fabric Wall Art

There are soooo many reasons that I love this easy fabric wall art DIY but the biggest one is that it’s sustainable and budget friendly! I used materials I already had on hand: empty frames (from the time I removed the canvases and turned them into a tablecloth) and leftover sample yards of my new velvet boho fabric! If you have lots of leftover fabric on hand then you could recover your canvases with fabric any time you’re ready for a refresh… That’s how easy this DIY project is!

Image of Dionne sitting on a floor pouf in front of several canvases, some of which are painted and some of which are wrapped in fabric. The text "DIY fabric wall art" is in white above Dionne's head.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Old or second-hand canvases or frames
  • Fabric of your choice (velvet, cotton, linen, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Chalk (optional)
  • Optional Embellishments: Paint, pins, buttons, embroidery, or anything else you’d like to add for additional embellishments

DIY Fabric Wall art Tutorial

  1. Prepare Your Workspace: Lay out your materials on a clean and flat surface. Make sure you have enough space to work comfortably, especially if you’re working with large frames.
  2. Prepare Your Frames: I took the canvas off my wood frames but you may choose to keep it on. I used the empty frame to decide which part of the fabric I wanted to highlight! You could also drape the fabric over the frame and use chalk to lightly outline the corners once you find your favorite placement.
  3. Cut Your Fabric: Measure and cut your fabric to size, leaving a few inches of excess on each side to wrap around the back of the canvas.
  4. Wrap the Fabric: Lay the canvas face down on the backside of the fabric. Start by folding one edge of the fabric over the back of the canvas and secure it with staples along the wood frame. Repeat this process for each side, pulling the fabric taut as you go to avoid wrinkles or sagging.
  5. Secure Corners: For neat corners, fold the fabric diagonally and staple it securely to the wood frame. Trim any excess fabric to create a clean finish! If you have a particularly thick fabric, cut a notch in the corner to ensure the finished piece lays flat against the wall when hung.
  6. Hang and Enjoy: Once you’re satisfied with the look of your DIY fabric wall art, hang it on your wall using appropriate hanging hardware. Step back and admire your one-of-a-kind art!

Embellishing Your Fabric Art

I thought my velvet fabric looked great on its own, but if you’re feeling extra creative then you could embellish your art! Use your favorite medium, like paint (I love DIY Paint’s new Painterly line), or try something new… Like embroidery! In the past, I’ve added old buttons and vintage pins to my canvas art to create a 3-D effect. The possibilities are endless.

In fact, I used an old drop cloth for a really fun “twist” on 3-D fabric wall art! This tutorial is exclusive to My Creative Connection members, but I hope these images inspire you to get creative and think outside the frame! 

Watch The Tutorial

Want to see the transformation as it happens? My sweet husband edited a beautiful video of the whole process. Watch the whole thing below:

Easy DIY with Boho Fabric Wall Art 

Matt did such a great job! If you want to see more of our videos, please head on over to our YouTube channel or Facebook page for more. We’d love to see you there! 

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