Easy Backdrop Ideas

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My son Elijah just married the love of his life and I get to officially call beautiful Julia my daughter! A few weeks ago, when her bridal shower was approaching, I was tasked with providing a beautiful backdrop to set the scene. I had watched the happy couple plan an elegant, personalized, and Instagram-worthy wedding so I knew the bridal shower would be gorgeous and I wanted the photo backdrop to fit right in. With everything else going on in my life, like the launch of my new redesigned apparel cooperative RevelandRavel.com, I just didn’t have the time to paint an entire backdrop from scratch. That’s when I decided on a quick solution: buying an affordable oversize backdrop and adding my own floral accents. Here are some easy backdrop ideas that you can DIY at home with a little paint and some inspiration! These ideas will help you create an affordable photo backdrop that you can reuse for any occasion.

Easy Backdrop Ideas

The first thing you need to do is assemble your supplies!


  • Fabric backdrop: You can find a variety of affordable options ranging from canvas to vinyl to acrylic. Choose the price and style that best suits your event. I went with something floral!
  • Acrylic or Painterly Paints: These bright, easy-to-uses non-acrylic paints were perfect for painting flowers.
  • Paintbrushes: Get a few sizes and shapes to mimic different types of petals! I use the Magic Pack from Paint Pixie.
  • Tape, frame, or clamps: You’ll need to hang your backdrop in a similar manner to how it will be hung at your event and paint vertically for the most seamless-looking blends.
  • Drop cloth or old sheet: To protect the floor.

Upcycled Backdrop Ideas

The first step is probably the hardest: choose your backdrop! I went for something with lots of flowers because I love flowers and they always look good at an event. Plus, the backdrop can be dressed up with fresh flowers or garlands or even balloons on the day of the event. 

The backdrop I chose was actually rather nice but the colors weren’t quite warm enough to match the wedding and shower color schemes. I covered up some of the existing flowers with colors that were a better match and I even threw in some additional blossoms.

Watch my upcycled backdrop makeover on Facebook!

Easy DIY Backdrop Ideas

If you don’t have an existing backdrop on hand, you can still paint your own using an old white sheet or a drop cloth! 

DIY Backdrop Tips

A backdrop is basically an oversize canvas, so many of the same artistic rules apply! It’s important to hang your backdrop before painting so that you can keep things proportionate. Remember to take a few steps back and assess your work from afar to make sure that it looks good. Also, since the size of the backdrop is probably larger than you’re used to, try to keep your body loose and use big, broad strokes. This will help you maintain proportion and perspective without tiring out your body. The majority of the backdrop is likely to be covered by people, so focus your efforts around the outside edges. Most importantly… have fun with it!

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