Empowering Creativity

April 2024

Connect with Your Calling

Beginners, experts, and everyone in between are invited to join me for an unforgettable artistic adventure.

Join me April 3rd — April 7th 2024 at the Empowering Creativity Retreat in picturesque Madison, Indiana for a week of hands-on art activities, building strong friendships, and exploring everything it means to be a creative force of nature. Through Q&A sessions, workshops, creative expression, and thoughtful reflection, we will learn how to empower our creativity and build the life of our dreams… All while making memories that last a lifetime!

Empowering Creativity 2024: April 3rd — 7th in Madison, Indiana

What’s Included:

  • 5 days of instruction with me, Dionne Woods
  • Daily guest expert instruction & demonstration
  • Snacks & lunches
  • A workbook with prompts for reflection and notetaking
  • Curated recommendations for lodging, meals, and activities

What to Expect

Ready to shake up your routine, get un-stuck, rediscover your passion and your purpose, and reconnect with your calling???

The Empowering Creativity Retreat will help you do all that and more! Each day will feature keynote topics and creative experiences that will help you expand your knowledge and horizons while connecting you with other creatives.

This uplifting, supportive environment is the perfect place to open up, ask questions and, most importantly, explore what “creativity” means to you! I firmly believe in the power of creating a community, so we will work as a group to make sure that everyone feels included, inspired, and empowered to make the most of this wonderful week.

I will also be providing a catered lunch to ensure that we can fill our days with learning while our evenings are left unscheduled to explore all the inspiration that Madison has to offer!

Join us at the Empowering Creativity Retreat for the artistic adventure of a lifetime.

About Our Experts

Cara Fox of Little Golden Fox

Cara Fox is the owner of Little Golden Fox in the heart of historic Madison, Indiana! Her creative studio provides classes, workshops, events, and provides handmade gift items and supplies. In addition to hosting the Empowering Creativity Retreat in 2024, Cara will also be sharing her expertise with all of our attendees.

Debi Beard of DIY Paint and Debi’s Design Diary

Debi Beard is the founder of DIY Paint, a clay-based and highly pigmented no-VOC paint beloved by artists and furniture painters across the world. Through her YouTube and social media channel, Debi’s Design Diary, Debi has taught artists and makers of all abilities how to create beautiful projects with a little bit of paint and a lot of imagination.

Lori Siebert of Lori Siebert Studios

In addition to her work as an artist, designer, and maker, Lori Siebert is also a featured expert on both BloomTV and MadeTV! With decades of experience both making and licensing art, Lori spends her days teaching others how to find joy in the act of creation.

Gina Luker of The Shabby Creek Cottage

Gina Luker is the artist, maker, and teacher behind the incredibly popular crafting account The Shabby Creek Cottage on social media! Her love of creativity, whimsy, and wonder shines in both her work and the things she teaches to her audience.

Erin Schlarb of Hemlock Strategy + Design

Team Turquoise member Erin Schlarb is the brains behind Hemlock Strategy + Design, which provides digital strategies and web design for small business owners. Erin is filled with practical tips for how artists can use the power of the internet to expand their creative endeavors.

Kamee Collins of Momtrovert Creative

Kamee Collins serves as both a member of Team Turquoise and as the editor of The Turquoise Iris Journal while also running Momtrovert Creative, where she works as a content and copywriting strategist for creative business owners.

About Madison, Indiana

When three separate artists told me I needed to host my next retreat in beautiful Madison, Indiana, I just had to see what all the fuss was about… And I was NOT disappointed! This lively community sits along the banks of the mighty Ohio River and is known for holding the nation’s largest Contiguous National Historic Landmark District with a jaw-dropping 133 historic blocks of incredible art, architecture, and more.

Our retreat will be hosted at Little Golden Fox, right in the heart of downtown Madison, blocks from the riverfront and surrounded by historic sites, restaurants, shops, and activities. Attendees can choose to stay at any one of the many beautiful homes to rent within walking distance of the shop and amenities!

About Dionne Woods

I’m Dionne Woods of The Turquoise Iris. I am an artist, creative coach, podcast host, BloomTV expert, and MadeTV Network’s Director of Community engagement and contributing maker. My style of painting is vibrant and expressive, with lots of color, energy and movement. While I began my creative career painting furniture art, I’ve since expanded my work to canvases, clothing, accessories, journals, and more. I am also the founder of The Turquoise Iris Magazine, a platform for artists and creatives to share their work and experiences. My greatest passion is helping artists tap into their creativity and find their unique voice through art.

What Others Are Saying About ECR

“Wow! It was the most amazing experience I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you for welcoming me without hesitation and for all the love and support I received. I’ve never met such an amazing group of women before. I’m so sad it had to end but grateful for the experience. Thank you Dionne and Kelly for helping to bring the artist out in me. Also thank you to all other amazing artists for your kind words and encouragement. I will definitely be doing a lot more painting in the coming weeks and months. My creativity has received a new lease on life just like me. I feel so energized to begin my new life as an artist! All of you lovely women are truly awesome and I am so grateful and blessed to have spent time with you.”

“This week was so amazingly beautiful for me. I learned so many things about painting and myself. I can do things that feel hard, even if I’m scared or alone, and I can learn new things! I’m so blessed to have had this opportunity. I know that many, many women would love to be able to come and have the experience that we have been able to have. Each of you has given me something special to take away from this week… This was the week I finally painted freely! I was the woman who ran freely and shed all her inhibitions. I was always told I was “ugly” and “I would be nothing.” I know now that I am far from “nothing.” Now, I’m trying to become an entrepreneur. I’m a mother, a wife, an artist, a social worker, and a daughter of the most high. It’s taken me a lot of time and work to feel and know I am beautiful and to actually believe it and to believe my worth. This week I thought about how we sometimes have to go through the ugly to really enjoy all of the beauty that eventually is bestowed upon us. My life is full of color. Each of you has added to my color palette this week… I am so grateful for all I’ve learned… Thank you, Dionne, for doing this. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have been so richly blessed. Each of you has such bright and happy spirits and I leave with a bit of each of you filling my spirit and soul to the brim, going home happy and uplifted to be a good momma and wife and continue my endeavors as an artist. I hope we stay in touch! Go and be beautiful! Paint lovely things and know that you’re all such amazing women!”

“Before I dive into why the Empowering Creativity Retreat was so awesome, I think we all need to take note that the leader of our tribe, Dionne Woods, is so awesome! Without a loving, caring person like Dionne, the retreat just would not have been as successful as it was. Why was it successful? Because 40+ women all felt loved and protected. Yes, protected. They could bare their hearts and souls without judgment from anyone. Every single person there was kind, loving, and treated each other with the utmost respect. This is something Dionne expects from everyone in her group. There are groups out there that try to out-do each other but this group is about holding each other up and helping those who came feeling unworthy leave feeling loved and worthy. There are so many people in the world that would benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

“During a quiet moment last night waiting for sleep to arrive I began reflecting on the recent retreat and I thought I would share my epiphany with you all. I’m sure I’m not the only one with major withdrawal symptoms, missing everyone and wishing to be back in Galveston at the Clay Cup. It was lightning in a bottle for me, personally. It provided a safe haven to be creative and silly without fear in my heart. It not only gave me courage to paint, but also courage to be my authentic self, free from egoic fears, negativity and criticism, and the courage to align with my authentic self. I realized that I was with a group of beautiful women that were all engaging strictly from the soul level, not one ego to be found, each radiating their authentic soul self. It’s a rare occurrence indeed, especially in these troubled times. Image if the world operated at the soul level and all the abundance that accompanies it. Thank you all so much for sharing your soul self with me. It was an honor to meet and spend time with each and everyone of you. It was truly life changing for me and I hope to be reunited with all you wonderful soul sisters one day.”

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