Identify and overcome your fears so you can harness the power of live video to grow your business and sell your work.

Hi, I’m Dionne Woods of The Turquoise Iris!


I’m an artist and creative business coach from Oklahoma! A few years ago I pressed that daunting “go live” button for the first time… and completely transformed my business. Now, I’m a full-time artist with a thriving membership group and I spend my days teaching painting workshops across the country, leading a small-group business accelerator, chatting on one-on-one coaching calls, and hosting art retreats.

Without Facebook Live, there’s no way my business would have grown as quickly as it did.

NEW Bonus Content

I’ve also included a video featuring my 9 favorite tips for successful live streaming on any platform!

This webinar features two of my creative friends, April Kolanchick of Sweet & Saucy Life, a self-taught cookier who teaches others how to make incredible cookie art; and Anna Marie of Inspired by You Jewelry, a handmade jewelry artisan.

We cover…

  • How to use live video to promote your business
  • How to use live video to sell your products or pieces online
  • Mindset blocks that may be holding you back
  • What to talk about on your live videos
  • The equipment to use
  • When, where, and how often to go live

Whether you’re already selling online or find yourself looking for new ways to promote your business during the current worldwide crisis, this webinar will empower you to take the leap into live video.

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