Who else loves a deep rich green gemstone? I  mean the kind that sucks you in and begs you to gaze at it for days. I do and I love it very much. This shade is called Alexandrite from Heirloom Traditions Paint. I can’t lie, I know why I adore this color so much. Take a look below.

Can you see that it has just the right amount of my favorite color in it? 

Turquoise…ahhh…yes!! The golden child ( color ) in my book.

This vanity is #2 of Part III in my “Doors” series.  

I added a little watered down Ol’ Navy to a few areas of this finish.  Look at that amazing original hardware!

This is the door image from my Pinterest  board titled, Doors. I love to look for inspiration in unexpected things.  I’m beginning to plan a series of furniture makeovers inspired pastels and gold leaf.  With all of the talented furniture artists, I’m looking for ways to be original, unique and true to myself.

Yep, this is the moment I realized I dressed myself to match the furniture I’ve been painting. Either that or I’m in desperate need of vacation, LOL.

I finished this piece with the Dark Umber wax.  It gave the final look more depth and texture. 

I think what I’m loving most about this series is I don’t have to be perfect with the finish.  The more I paint, the better it looks, which is often the opposite when painting furniture.  I get to make a mess, rough up the finish and use as many colors as I choose. I’m in a creative heaven, really.

This piece is available to purchase, www.theturquoiseiris.com 

What do you say? You think you might want a little bit of Alexandrite as well?

Blessings for a wonderful summer weekend,


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