How To Merge Work & Play ~ A Bold Furniture Makeover

Oct 24, 2016 | 3 comments

 Hello Friends, 
Dionne here.

Let’s talk work and play and how they often merge, if we “let” them.
I’ve been thinking this past week about a conversation I had with my mom ( while we had our daily treadmill meeting ).
I told her I had worked on a piece of furniture one evening until 8:30. Now, she knows that is unusual for me. I’m usually completely done by 3:00 or so since I pick up my oldest son from high school.  Once we get back home, my younger son comes rolling in on his bike and homework, dinner prep and evening plans begin.  But, this evening was different. I had a really fun project going on and just. could. not. stop. 

Enter exhibit A.

Between this bold otomi paper, this primitive cabinet and the fun colors in the makeover, I just didn’t want to stop “working”.

Obviously, I’m using this working term very lightly.
My play and my work are definitely merging, becoming one. As my business grows and my wings spread, painting has become more of a way of life rather than a job. I’m starting to identify myself as an artist and not only a mom and wife hustling to earn an income. 
I’m having fun. I’m playing with paint and that’s really what I feel it is, simply put.

So, how did this happen? How did my job become play?

Think about a time you successfully created something from scratch. 

Did you create a flower garden in your back yard or a salsa vegetable garden? Did you find a new recipe and make your husband a new favorite dessert? Did you hang wallpaper in your powder bath and totally upgrade that room from boring to glam? You may have even used an old sewing machine to create the cutest summer dress for your daughter.  Did it trigger an idea in you? Did you think, “maybe this could be more”? Maybe you were on to something?

That’s what happened to me. I tried it, built a business upon an idea and my passion grew from there. Many ideas went in, many went out and are still running through my mind, but this is where the merging exists. When I go to bed at night, I’m planning the next makeover.  When I wake up, I’m counting the hours before I get the paint brush in my hand.  I never really turn off my creativity because that’s play to me and that’s okay.  I’m letting it happen this way. 

                           I love close-ups. That’s the good stuff.

For this bold furniture makeover, I used all products from General Finishes. The colors you see here are Klein Blue, Patina Green, Somerset Gold and Persimmon. This cabinet is No. 7 in my series, Perfectly Imperfect. She sold already and has found her new home in Amarillo…makes my heart very happy.

On a different note, I sold my first painted canvas and shipped it to it’s new owner last week.  I’m so very excited to stretch myself this way, too. I can’t explain how that first sale felt. 
I hope I never forget either. 

We are enjoying gorgeous weather here in Oklahoma and mild temps. I hope you all have a wonderfully productive week.

If you loved this makeover, click this link to see a similar one.


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