I LOVE wearing scarves – I’ve been wearing them for years! They are a great way to bring a pop of color to an outfit or just a fun way to wrap up your hair on a breezy day! I’m always looking for interesting and beautiful ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

I’ve had silk scarves for a couple of years now and they are one of my favorite products in my merchandise shop. They make great gifts! The scarves are ordered in limited quantities for the upcoming season and are based on a series of my original artwork. The current series is from the Tropical line and are 36″ x 36″. Let’s look at some great ways to wear scarves!

Silk Scarf Wraps for Hair and Hats

Other Styling Ideas for Square Scarves

Silk Scarf Outfit Inspiration

Like everyone else, when I’m looking for style inspiration I head on over to Pinterest! I love using Pinterest to collect my ideas and inspiration because I’m such a visual person. 

Click here for my silk scarf inspiration board!

Looking for other inspiration? You can find the rest of my boards here!


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