Industrial Modern Outdoor Tables

Apr 17, 2013 | 2 comments

So, this is not my usual post, but my husband has been awfully busy making new tables for our outdoor area off the sun room.  These are just too good not to share.  You may think these are too heavy and hard looking, but we are in Oklahoma and the wind blows fiercely 80% of the time.  Any lightweight furniture blows right off our deck and across our 5 acres of land.  We have already busted 6 chairs…which is why we bought these stackable ones.  These will hide out in the corner when we are not needing them.  Anyway, have a look! 

 Really wishing the grass was green in these photos…and the Chaste trees were blooming!

The first is the dining table which will easily accommodate 7 adults.  The next one is a side table, love the contrast of raw wood and shiny steel!

Thanks for letting me brag on my guy a little, I think he likes it;)

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