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Oct 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Hi everyone, Kamee Collins here!

If you follow Dionne on Facebook then you might know me as her copywriter and the editor of The Turquoise Iris Journal, the digital magazine that will launch in just over one week! I asked Dionne if I could pop on her blog for a guest appearance to share some things that I’ve learned!

Every issue of The Turquoise Iris Journal has a power word; an action that we ask our contributors and subscribers to consider as they read through our magazine. The word for our first issue is “courage” because, well, to be totally honest we knew that was something we would need A LOT of if we wanted to pull off launching a magazine in three short months. 

It was six months ago that I brought up the idea of a digital magazine to Dionne, but the idea wasn’t new to her. It was something that had quietly been percolating in her mind for a very long time. That’s the thing about dreams, they stay as dreams until we are bold enough to pluck them from our minds and build them into reality.

Dionne, to my eternal gratitude, asked me if I would like to be her editor and I practically shouted YES!!! OF COURSE I WILL!!! It’s only been a dream of mine for oh, I dunno, forever?

There was a catch, though…

I had no idea what I was doing. Not only does my role as editor require me to coordinate information from all of our advertisers, collaborators, and the ringleader herself but I was also tasked with building the dang thing. Like, from scratch. In a program I’d never used.

I would argue that the greatest act of courage is simply believing in oneself.

It’s not often that I refer to myself as brave but, truth is, I’ve done a lot of brave things. Most recently was three years ago, when I decided to quit my office job and start my own business. I didn’t know what I was going to do or what it would end up becoming, I just knew that I hated my job and wanted out. Here I am now, with a successful copywriting business, and I am about to tackle the biggest challenge of my career… with a huge smile. Not because I was confident I could do it when Dionne asked (I mean, I hoped I could but I’d never done it before!) or because I was an expert or even because I thought I was going to rock it. I said yes because Dionne, the kind of person we all want as a cheerleader, told me she trusted me to execute it. 

That was enough for me.

All it took was someone who believed in me. 

So, while our first issue is all about having courage, for this blog I ask you to consider something else.

How might you inspire courage?

Who can you support today? Who in your life is going through something new, or scary, or daunting? Perhaps you can share these four magic words with them:

I believe in you.

Sometimes all it takes for us to believe in ourselves is for someone else to believe in us, first.

I believe in you!

Article from guest blogger:

Kamee Collins
Momtrovert Creative
Editor of The Turquoise Iris Journal
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