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The Creative Connection is a space where artists like you come to learn new techniques, connect with other artists, talk about the business behind art and participate in challenges. I go live several times a week to share what I’m working on or to just talk.

In addition to the live videos and community, members of the group have access to my units on:

  • Painting Furniture and Canvases
  • Social Media
  • Running a Business
  • Motivation and Mindset
  • Marketing
  • And more!

While it’s called “The Turquoise Iris’s Creative Connection,” the group belongs to all of us. Members share their wins, tips, and ideas and, most importantly, it’s a safe, supportive environment where all of us can open up, be vulnerable, and ask for help when we need it. 

Membership Perks

With your membership, you’ll receive unlimited access to invaluable tools and resources crucial to your success as an artist.

Personalized Mentorship

Technique Tutorials

Free DIY Paint Tutorials

Staging Tips & Secrets

Live Q&A with Dionne

Photography Secrets & Info

Daily Discussion

Everyday Motivation

My Creative Connection

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Affiliate Program

Coming Fall 2021!

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is another way to say referral. Dionne is excited to share the Creative Connection with creatives around the world and as a thank you for sharing, she’s offering a small incentive for each referral.

What do I need to sign up?

Each affiliate will need to be an active member of the Creative Connection and will need an active Paypal account at the time of registration and maintain it to be active throughout their time being an affiliate.

How much does it cost to be an affiliate?

NOTHING! There is no cost to be an affiliate for My Creative Connection! No hooks or gimmicks here!

I'm ready! Where do I sign up?

A link will be added here and shared through email and social media for you to sign up! 

How will I get my incentive?

Incentives are distributed after 60 days from the end of the Creative Connections enrollment period, and then monthly thereafter. You will receive an incentive for each person enrolling in the Creative Connection using your exclusive link. If the member does not use your link to sign up, we are not able to track their purchase as tied to your affiliate registration.

What is my incentive?

Each Creative Connection membership purchased with your enrollment code will provide you with 10% back to you each month the new member is enrolled and active in the Creative Connection. The current enrollment fee is $37 per month, so you will receive $3.70 each month they remain active.

How will I know if someone registered with my link?

After a user registers, you may login to your Affiliate portal page and see the transactions using your link, as well as payout information or any Affiliate Announcements!

Can I receive an incentive for referring friends to other Turquoise Iris courses and memberships like Empowered by Design or one of Dionne's new courses?

At this time, the Creative Connection is our only membership providing affiliate opportunities.

I have more questions! Where do I get answers?

Please email and add in the subject line “Affiliate Questions” and we’ll get you answers!

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