Professional Development for Creative Business Owners

The Creative Connection is an educational networking community where artists and business owners learn new artistic techniques, grow their business, and hear from creative experts.

Professional Development for Creative Business Owners

The Creative Connection is an educational networking community where artists and business owners learn new artistic techniques, grow their business, and hear from creative experts.

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What We Cover

Painting Furniture and Canvases

Selling Products & Services

Social Media

Running a Business

Motivation and Mindset


How We Cover It

Step-by-step tutorials


Group Coaching

Guest Experts

Contests (and Prizes!)

Personalized Feedback

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You need this community if you…

  • Are stuck in a creative rut and want to learn new artistic techniques…
  • Are worried your business has plateaued…
  • Want to skip the pain of learning from mistakes and get right to success…
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the things you think you should be doing…
  • Struggle with impostor syndrome, fear, and self-doubt…
  • Could use the support, inspiration, and encouragement of hundreds of creatives…
  • Want to learn from experts instead of figuring it all out yourself…
  • Need personalized advice and recommendations about what to do next…
  • Require accountability to stay on track…

Together is better!

Less Struggle, More Joy.

Hi, I’m Dionne!
When I started selling my art in 2010, I did what most creatives do and spent hours on the internet searching for ideas, tips, tutorials, and answers for how to DIY an entire creative business. What would sell? How would I even sell it? On top of all that, I felt like I was always playing catch up; trying to ship orders, build a website, answer emails. It was a nightmare.

When I launched the Creative Connection in 2017, it was simply so that I could share every answer I found with fellow artists and creatives who were too busy and too overwhelmed to do it for themselves. I wanted them to spend less time stressing and more time doing what they love, whether that meant creating or spending time with their family.

Not only that, but I wanted to remind them of something incredibly important:

You are worthy of all your artistic dreams.

In the past four years, The Creative Connection has helped artists just like you launch dozens of offers, businesses, and partnerships that have given them the life they’ve always dreamed of.

It’s time to get the clarity and connection you deserve.

Community Exclusives

Members of The Creative Connection get… 

  • Monthly furniture and art tutorials
  • Access to the Tutorial & Resource Library — hundreds of trainings are recorded and saved in the group so that even new members can access them on DAY ONE
  • Troubleshooting for all your art and business-related problems
  • Weekly Q&A coaching calls
  • Paint Challenges with prizes like free coaching calls, original works of art, paint supplies, and more!
  • Interviews and demonstrations from successful artists and business owners
  • Training sessions from experts in business, marketing, art, social media, mindset, sales, and branding
  • Personalized advice from Dionne, including Facebook Page reviews and social media strategy
  • The Better Self Book Club
  • Priority access to events, spotlights, and features in Dionne’s social media feed, magazine (The Turquoise Iris Journal), live videos, and more
  • Exclusive Offer: Dionne’s private group coaching program and annual retreats only available to group members! 

The value of all this professional development is well over $500/month.

Join the group today and pay less than that for an entire year of learning!

When I joined this group I was so excited to be inspired creatively and to surround myself with like minds. What I didn’t expect was the “connection” part to be so rewarding. With all the heaviness in the world right now, I’m so grateful to have a safe and loving place to come to.

The first month I was in this group  it woke something up in me that I didn’t even realize was in there sleeping! It is such an amazing experience; art flows out of me like nothing I’ve done before… I don’t know what I could possibly say in words to equal the feelings of gratitude for Dionne and this group… Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for being you and doing what you do.  You’ve changed my life, for the better, beyond my wildest expectations.

I’ve been a member since Spring of 2018. I joined during a time I was looking for a supportive community where “judgment” meant support, suggestions, and encouragement. What I received in return was not only all of the above but a coach who knew her stuff and wasn’t afraid to learn new things right along with us. She wasn’t afraid to share “all the things” and challenge her tribe to challenge themselves. It truly is a Creative Connection where we all learn from, and support each other. It’s such a joy to watch all the members grow from being creatives to being business owners. Not a business owner? No worries! This is still the place for all of you creatives. Come on in and stay a while (or a few years like me) and witness it firsthand.

I have ZERO regrets for investing in myself & this crazy dream mine. Dionne’s coaching style is easy-breezy all while holding you accountable… which is exactly what I needed. The artists who came together in this group not only learned from each other but also forged lifelong friendships. I’ve never experienced such a collaborative & supportive community. Just do it & don’t look back!

I can not say this enough. If you can DO IT! It has paid for itself over and over for me. I believe and it’s not just my business that has grown but myself personally. I have crossed over many hurdles that I thought were impossible because I had the voice of a little mouse! I’m not a mouse anymore.

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