My Favorite Furniture Makeovers!

Aug 6, 2020 | 0 comments

My Favorite Furniture Makeovers

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite furniture makeovers with you! What I look for in a piece is a combination of bold contrast and softness that evens things out. You know I’m a fan of color so all these pieces had to be COLORFUL in order to catch my eye!! There is nothing more satisfying than an amazing DIY furniture makeover because taking old, unloved furniture and breathing new life into it is empowering and exciting! So if you need some inspiration or ideas for your next painting project, look no further.

Leah Rex of Leah Noell Design Co.

Find her on Instagram @LeahNoellDesignCo

Leah is a chameleon! I have seen her create the most elaborate layered piece, paint stunning landscapes, and even go minimalist with white and natural wood. This piece is one of my favorite makeovers because 1) THAT COLOR, 2) THAT HARDWARE!!!!, and 3) the way she blends from dark to light gives the piece a sort of vignette effect that looks so natural and special.

Ildiko Horvath of Restored4u

Find her on Instagram @IldikoH67

If you love color then you’ll love Ildiko! She blows me away with her bravery— never one to shy away from prints or floral, she knows exactly how bold to go and just how to balance it. I love this piece so much! 

Nicola Bunke of Nicola Interior Art

Find her on Instagram @NicolaInteriorArt

I mean, come on! You all know I LOVE me an old, chippy wall and all of Nicola’s pieces have that sort of “old and mysterious” charm I’m always craving, but this one is extra special. Maybe it’s the beautiful blossoms or the depth of the piece, but I can’t stop looking at it!

Llewelyn Krastev of Worn to Whimsy

Find her on Instagram @WorntoWhimsy

It’s no wonder that Llewelyn is known for her landscapes, but this one is my favorite! If I look at it long enough I can feel the warm sunset and a cool breeze coming off that water. The color alone is swoon-worthy.

Anissa Perry of Niss & That

Find her on Instagram @NissAndThat

Anissa KNOWS the female figure and, while she’s currently focusing on canvas work, this furniture makeover will always be in my favorites. It’s simultaneously a stately, professional desk and a work of glorious, colorful art!

Toni Weston for Dare to Be Vintage

Find her on Instagram @dare_to_be_vintage

Toni is known for her ability to add texture and movement to any piece, and this one is no exception. I am blown away by the emotion and movement that this understated makeover manages to convey. And can we talk about that staging? WOW!!

Chloe Kempster of Maisie’s House 

Find her on Instagram @MaisiesHouse

COLOR!!! This piece just makes me smile, Chloe has the remarkable ability to use color in new and exciting ways. The soft blend on this one, and the way she managed to make it feel like a painting on canvas instead of furniture, is why it’s in my favorites. 

There you go! My very favorite painted furniture makeovers! I love being inspired by other artists. What inspires you?

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