My Most Popular Image on Instagram – Two Blue Or Too Blue Makeovers

Oct 31, 2016 | 4 comments

Hello, Everyone. Dionne here.

I’ve had so much fun styling my photos this month.  I AM a fan of mums although I’m not much in to fall 
( as I mentioned in a previous post here )

Mums provide my images with a bold pop of color, extra 
texture and an all over “happy feeling”. 
See in these images below I’ve used the mums in baskets 
and hung them on the wall. 

This image below would’ve been my most popular to date, thanks to Jennifer Allwood from The Magic Brush
She featured this piece on her Facebook pagelove her!

Many of you have asked about those huge hooks on the wall. 
 Have you figured out what they are yet?

I often find old dressers with damaged or busted mirrors. 
These pieces were once the sides to these mirrors,
 holding them on with large bolts or hardware. I started using them to flank our small windows in our own home.  One set goes above our kitchen window and the smaller set hangs in our master bath window,
 almost like a valance but on the walls. 

Recycle, re-use, re-create, right? Always.

Blue Montana Sky, Thomasville Teal, Windsor Blue and Enchanted Lilac
All from CeCe Caldwell’s

So, have you figured out my most popular image on Instagram to date?

Nope, it’s not that one either.  
Ha Ha, of course not!
That’s just me busting out my favorite pink hat that I never 
have the courage to wear. 

It’s this one.

 I had no idea the response I’d receive on this antique dresser. The attention was immediate so I started wondering what is it about this image or piece. Is it the colors, the mums again, the paintings on the wall or maybe it’s just all of the components together?

I think it’s because this image is “so me”, maybe.
The colors are my favorite. They are soft but when combined and layered, they are bold. I love organic elements like the pine cones, the white corals and the coral hanging on the wall.  Fresh bright flowers are a must around our home, inside and out.  Two of the beach paintings are mine, an attempt to teach myself through trial and error. 

Key West Blue, Midnight Blue and Persimmon
All from

What are your favorite color combinations? Are you a fan of warm or cool tones? I’d love to hear from you.

You can always shop here on my site, The paintings are also now available.

I hope you all enjoy a little trick or treating tonight, whether you are the treater or the tricker!

Happy Monday!


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