New Series Begins Today!! Introducing… Coastal Waters

Jul 2, 2016 | 0 comments

I have no doubt that I’ll be doing a Part IV – Doors series in my future. 
However, it’s now time for my Summer Series titled, Coastal Waters.

This will include shades of blue…my favorite!!! I began with the darkest shade of blue, 

Do you see the way the paint has a sort of “saltwater” finish? I didn’t know it would do that!!! Seriously, the paint took on a life of it’s own.  I just followed it’s lead.  I used all products from CeCe Caldwell Paints including the gold wax.  Look closely, there is just a little in the center top drawer.  I wanted to highlight the carvings. 

I’ve already received so many kind comments and encouraging words about this makeover! 

I held on to this piece for a couple of months before I painted it.  My husband actually told me he’d buy it for me so I wouldn’t paint it.  So, I listed it on my shop and waited, waited and waited.  I had a little interest but no offers to purchase.  I paid quite a bit for it, knowing this piece could be even more amazing.  

Enter CeCe Caldwell. She wanted me to try her paint and let her know what I thought about it. Guys and gals, this paint is a dream! What impressed me the most was the way the paint covered and made this saltwater finish.  It actually helped me turn my “vision” in to a reality.  I pictured a wave rushing up to the sand.  Have you ever noticed how the saltwater leaves a white, wavy bubbly line? Right before it vanishes, another wave comes rushing up, right?

The gold highlights I created with the wax are my idea of the sun glistening on the water. That original hardware is just so special.  

I’d love to see this piece being used as a dining room buffet, a wine bar or even a coffee bar. It’s exquisite in design and I really love the new look.

This is the first piece in this series.  I’m off to start the second piece!

Happy holiday weekend to you all!

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Lastly, the winner of my Giveaway is Shannon Long!! She will now have the opportunity to visit with me one on one about staging or prop questions or anything, really! Thanks to all who signed up.  I’ll be having another giveaway soon.


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