Ouch! Negative Comments Can Sting!

Aug 31, 2016 | 29 comments

I had a very kind follower offer me this amazing compliment about this wardrobe.

“Hands down – the best makeover yet ( in my opinion ). Your pieces of furniture art evoke certain feelings, moods, even memories. That may sound flaky, but it’s true, none the less. This piece feels like a stormy sea meeting the shore. Better yet, well worn blue jeans over a pair of much loved boots.” 

I also received this one…

“I can’t! I truly can’t say anything…I’m speechless! I can see this piece in a beautiful ranch home in Wyoming. This piece is SPECTACULAR!”
This was beautiful to me. Many more sweet and encouraging comments were written to me about this wardrobe. Then, this happened…

“It used to be gorgeous. Now it looks like it was fished out of a swamp. So Sad!”

“It WAS beautiful! How could she?”

“VOMIT. You ruined a great piece.”

Etc… Etc…

Well, those last few DID NOT feel well! I’ll be honest.  I’ve never had that happen, not to that extreme. I’ve heard, “That piece looked better before”, or “You ruined a nice piece of furniture”, but not that my work made someone want to vomit. OUCH!

Once I let it settle in and gather my thoughts, I started to reflect on all of the pieces I “didn’t buy”. The pieces that sat for months in an antique shop…solid wood and perfect. Yes, we’ve all seen them and admired them and walked away from them. Either they weren’t what we were looking for, weren’t in our price range or were NOT going to benefit from being painted. Do I know the difference? I’ve always thought so…and I still believe I do. 

Take this wardrobe for example.  It sat in a thrift shop ( yes, thrift shop ) forever. NOBODY wanted it in it’s current condition.  I walked past it as I do pieces of furniture all the time. I say to myself, “If it’s still here in a month, I will buy and paint it”. 

Now, most of us understand that just because a piece of furniture is painted doesn’t mean it’s permanent ( enter paint stripper ). Some folks think that by painting furniture, we create a cardinal sin…committed a unforgivable crime.  

Seriously?!??! I adore furniture of all styles and design, unpainted as well as painted. 

I think the difference is this…

I see myself as an artist and we all know that an artist’s work will be interpreted differently.  That’s the beauty of art, isn’t it?

However, these negative comments were more about me being “one of those furniture painters that keep ruining furniture”. I know you all have heard similar comments or objections to painting furniture. I don’t think they were necessarily hating my paint techniques.  Surely they can appreciate my originality, my unique style I’m creating and my blending of colours to create texture and depth.  I’m a person eager to please but on a personal level, I’ll have to grow thicker skin and realize my art is not for everyone to love or appreciate but for me, and me only.  

Lastly, this is my professional business, my career.  I search for unwanted furniture and try to create something new from something that lost it’s luster, it’s desirability. That can’t be a crime. It can’t be so bad or I, like so many of you, wouldn’t still be at this rough and tumble profession of painting furniture. We love it, don’t we? 

So, I’m taking the good with the bad because I choose to. I choose to take their negative comments and throw them in the trash.  I have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to regret. 

Oh, and I have haters now!! I hear that means I’m doing something right. 

I want to thank those of you who came to my defense today…I love having your support. 

This wardrobe is available to purchase on my site, www.theturquoiseiris.com.
This base colour is Feathered Nest from the Heirloom Traditions Paint company.  I also used Steamer Trunk from Vintiques and the Aurora Staining Gels in the shades of Goldilocks, Snow White and Island Paradise. If you haven’t tried these gels, you really should.  

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Have a wonderful day!


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