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So, we have been the proud owner’s of a Doberman named, Abbie for two years now!

We love and adore her but this post is about “her room”. Now that she is older and has stopped chewing on our woodwork, her room needed a little TLC.  She literally ate my wood windows and scraped up the concrete stained floors. Let me show you the “Before” pics…

All of our woodwork throughout the house is white.  Originally, I should have had the painter do a darker color on the mudroom but is was rush, rush! Meanwhile, the white has been torn to pieces and every scratch shows so I searched for a color to use that would greet us with a smile.  I chose Gypsy Teal by Valspar in a high gloss! Yep, high gloss for our woodwork! Call me crazy if ya wanna.  I absolutely L-O-V-E how it turned out.  This color with this shine has made the room look larger instead of smaller;)
Check it out…

$2.99 for the painting at Goodwill!
Looks perfect on the teal and the chevron next
to it make the painting look more modern and chic.

I took down the curtain panels and just decided to
hang roller shades.
I just used spray adhesive on the shades to attach
the yellow chevron.
So easy and simple!!!

Drama! Drama! Drama!
Really makes my subway tile pop out at you, too.

New hardware looks so much better than the
smaller bronze we had before.
Who knew a mudroom could be so sophisticated, right???
The floor is still not complete…give me a couple of weeks though, and I will share that as well.  Hope you enjoy the transformation.  
I am certainly glad it’s (mostly) over!

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