The Ultimate Paint Tool Guide

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One of my goals as an artist and creative coach is to empower all creatives to believe that they are capable of anything they put their minds to! My motto has always been this:

If I can do it, you can do it.

Once upon a time I didn’t believe that I was a “real” artist and made lists of all the reasons I never would be.

I didn’t go to art school.
I didn’t take a single art class.
I had no idea what all those art tools were called.
I bought my supplies wherever I could find them for cheap instead of buying the expensive stuff at the fancy art stores.

Well, it turns out you don’t need any of those things to be an artist. All you need is that desire to make something. 

But that desire often isn’t enough to fuel our passion and we can feel overwhelmed by all that we don’t know… So I made it my mission to provide the answers for any new or beginning artists who aren’t sure where to start. Because I believe that all of us are artists and the only way we can grow is together.

Community over competition. Always.

With that in mind, I decided to put together a playlist of videos featuring all my art tools and how I use them!

This art supply resource guide is a mix of links to videos and some blog posts that may be helpful, with my own thoughts mixed in as well. The video playlist is on YouTube and will continue to be updated, so make sure you subscribe to my channel for new videos!

The Ultimate Paint Tool Resource Guide

How to Use Different Paint Tools

I know what it feels like to be presented with a pile of supplies that seem unfamiliar! When I first started out I was using whatever brushes I could find and the only way I learned how to use them was just by using them. That’s a great way to learn! 

But I sure wish I could have had these resources back when I started. It certainly would have shortened the learning curve and I definitely would have felt more confident and more like a “real artist” a little sooner.

How to Know Which Paintbrush To Use?

If you’re more of a reader, I also have a great blog post (Which Paint Brush Should I Use?) that goes into detail on this subject!

Mop Brush

I probably use these the most! These hold a ton of water (or paint!) and are perfect for blending backgrounds and creating a lot of texture. 

Wash Brush

This 1” brush covers a lot of background and fills in a lot of color on canvas. 

Angled Brush

I use these for trees, mountains, and fine lines.

Fan Brush

This is one of my favorite brushes for stems, leaves, and loose flower petals.

Cone Shader

Just what it sounds like! This brush is great for adding shading/

Round Brush

This is THE best brush for details!

If you want details on my brushes, specifically, this video (What Does Each Paint Brush Do?) will give you all the special details about The Turquoise Iris and Iris Pro lines of paint brushes!

Order your new favorite art tools here!

How to Use Palette Knives

I know that a lot of people are intimidated by palette knives but, when I was starting out, I find them a lot easier and less intimidating than brushes! They’re a little more forgiving than brushes are.

Watch the video to hear how I use each knife!

How to Use My FAVORITE Paintbrush to Blend!

Even with all the paintbrush and palette knife options, I find myself using the BIG VIP brush more than any other paint brush because it lays down a TON of paint, covers a big area, and allows me to load multiple paint colors onto one brush for easy blending. 

Speaking of blending…

My Favorite Paint Tool for Blending

Blending paint on canvas and furniture can take a lot of work, a lot of practice, and a lot of time… unless you have a  secret weapon. The Water Girl Continuous Spray Brush combined with my VIP Brush is like a one-two punch for blending out large spaces but the Water Girl on her own is a fantastic, versatile tool. The continuous spray means that you get a fine, even mist of water over your canvas. This can reactivate clay-based paint (like DIY!) or create depth, texture, and interest with acrylic paints. 

If you’re new to painting and you have no idea which supplies to start with then you’re in luck. I wrote a blog about knowing which art supplies make the best investment:

Save or Splurge Art Supplies

I paint mainly with acrylics and DIY Paint on canvas. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with DIY Paint’s newest Making Powders. They’re a super-intense fine powder pigment that’s perfect for creating your own colors or upping the intensity of your favorite existing paints. Click here to order yours now!

If you’re raring to go then click here to order a set of art tools and get painting! There are tons of inspiring ideas in my blog to get you started.

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