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Blending Breakdown Tutorial Bundle


This exclusive bundle includes 3 of my best blending tutorials!

Rustic Farmhouse Makeover (View Trailer)
Blue & Gold Furniture Makeover (View Trailer)
Basic Ombre Makeover


The Blending Breakdown Tutorial Bundle has three of Dionne's great tutorials!

Here are the BEST tips and step-by-step instructions from Dionne Woods aka The Turquoise Iris. These furniture makeovers were originally online classes that Dionne taught several years ago and because she still gets asked for these particular classes, Dionne has edited them and made it possible for you to watch. All of the chit-chat has been removed and just the details are given. Now, you can also see where "Do the Dionne" began and how using a palette knife, some water, and allowing drips can be a defining look to set your work apart.

Rustic Farmhouse Makeover
In 2017, a young talented artist named, Shelby Tidwell, coined the phrase, "do the Dionne" after participating is Dionne's very first paint workshop where she revealed how she had been creating her worn antiqued paint finishes. Spraying water to the paint and manipulating colors with a palette knife began the highly popular look that you now see. Debi Beard of Debi's Design Diary created several videos continuing to use the phrase, "do the Dionne" and it quickly caught on. This video tutorial here breaks the technique down very well and you'll find how much fun going against the grain can truly be.

Blue & Gold Furniture Makeover
Dionne originally called this makeover "Blue Lagoon" because the finish has a mystical illusion as your eye dances across the dresser. Blending basics, complementary colors, and compositions are discussed in this lesson. Step by step, Dionne will show you how you, too, can create a stunning paint finish using just the right colors!

Basic Ombre Makeover
Are you blending challenged? Are you so tired of wasting paint only to find you've made a mess and muddled your colors? Dionne knows she can help you like she's helped so many others to create a smooth blended paint finish using water and multiple colors of paint.

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