Canvas Tutorial – Watercolor Floral Abstract

I am finally releasing my most popular technique! In the RISE Watercolor-Style Large Canvas tutorial, you will learn how to paint abstract, watercolor-style florals on an oversize canvas! Learn how to let go and paint instinctively with this big and BOLD project.

In this tutorial, I cover how to keep your canvas balanced and bright without muddying up your colors. We practice a variety of techniques using simple tools and a small amount of paint mixed with water over a large surface. These techniques are incredibly useful for artists who may want to practice this technique in different colors over several canvases or anyone who wants to learn a looser, more expressive style of painting. 

In addition to a step-by-step tutorial and a supply list, I also share some mindset advice for artists of all experience levels and some color theory that will help you personalize and elevate your painting. 

Once purchased, instructions to access the tutorial will be provided in your email.

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