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Cordelia Blooms – Classy Lash Duo


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Get them while they last! Cordelia Blooms Classy Lash Duo - Juliette and Jane

Cordelia Blooms' Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes have been assembled with the highest quality materials and tested to the highest standards. This Dual Eyelash Kit comes equipped with 2 different styles of lashes for variety and 2 bottles of Magnetic Eyeliner so you don't run out. Easy to use applicator tweezer included.

The ultra soft synthetic magnetic lashes come equipped with 5 strong lightweight magnets per lash. You'll love the supreme adhesion of the magnets to our super-strength formulated magnetic eyeliner.

We understand that every person's eyes are different sizes and shapes which is why our lashes can be trimmed down to 4 magnets instead of 5 if necessary.

The "Jane” Style Lash

Our shortest lash to date, with a 9mm lash length, is a nice subtle, everyday lash that provides a little extra volume and length without overdoing it. This is our recommended go-to daytime lash.

The “Juliette” Lash Style

This is our happy “Medium” lash that provides a nice amount of drama, but maintains a soft, wispy look. It also has a nice taper going to the inner corner for a natural look and comfortable feel.

Waterproof, Smudgeproof, Windproof!

Enjoy your daily activities worry-free, knowing your beautiful lashes will be in it for the long haul, rain or shine thanks to our “no-glue” magnetic eyeliner.

Date Night, Weddings, Parties or Simply Every Day! Your lashes got you covered! Reuse your magnetic lashes and eyeliner up to 30 times, all while keeping them securely stored in our stylish magnetic case in between uses. No more misplacing your lashes and accessories!

Set comes in reusable magnetic storage case and includes:
one pair of “Juliette” synthetic 12mm magnetic eyelashes one pair of “Jane” synthetic 9mm magnetic eyelashes
2 bottles of magnetic eyeliner
One metal applicator tool

Eyelash Specifications:
1 1/4"(33mm) band width
Box: 5.79"(147.066mm) x 5.79"(147.066mm) x 1"(25mm)

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