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Sep 16, 2016 | 6 comments

“Creativity Takes Courage”
~henri matisse
This is so true, right? When I’m feeling creative but lacking on courage, I grab my phone and head to social media.  There are a few ladies that keep me inspired by their courage, their ability to be successful while remaining unique. One particular gal stands out, always the first I turn to. Barb Blair with Knack. She had me at hello. The following image is Barb’s, from a few years back. Barb hooked me in and has kept me reading every word she writes including her published books titled, Furniture Makes the Room and Furniture MakeoversShe is a creative genius, and I just love her.

I also get a huge kick out of Deann with Deann’s Designs. She uses a palette knife to create the most gorgeous works of art. They are often very simple but clear, vivid and so refreshing.  I’m especially smitten with her church series. I’m in love with old churches and she brings them to life with her paint. See what I mean?

It’s so amazing to have a group of women I can follow and admire.  They don’t just share their talent with us, they share themselves…their vision. I for one, am so grateful for the continued inspiration they provide.  If you are not already, go follow them, take a look at their past works and tell them how awesome they are.  

Now, to this new piece I just listed. It’s my fourth piece from the Summer Sunsets series. I added more blue and plum to this one and I am very happy with it.

Below is one of the many images that I have pinned on my Pinterest page

Inspiration photo from Pinterest


I used paints from CeCe Caldwell’s paints again for this makeover.  The creamy rich texture is so wonderful to use. They have a metallic wax that really brought this series to life. 

This piece is listed Here on my site, 

The little sailboat painting is mine as well. I’m playing around with different ideas but was thinking about listing the painting on my site. Painting on a canvas is so different than painting on furniture but the excitement I feel during the process is the same. 

It’s just about to be Fall and I need to start planning a new series.  Anyone have a suggestion?

Have a great weekend,


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