SOLD in 10 Minutes!! Destin Gulf Green Rustic Boho Chic Vintage Dresser Hand Painted with CeCe Caldwell Paint

Aug 3, 2016 | 1 comment

So, our weekend consisted of a whole lot of chillin, a little Jason Bourne and some well needed family time.  July was a huge business month for me, probably the best sales I’ve ever had so unwinding before August started was completely necessary. 

Monday hit and here I am painting again like it’s my job and stuff…oh wait.

UMMMMM…is this the best blue-ish green-ish color ever??? That was a rhetorical…yes, of COURSE it is.

Just LOOK at this hardware! I bought this dresser for these amazing handles and detail on the drawers.  This is #4 in my series, Coastal Waters. I had the blessing of selling this as soon as I posted it.  To top it off, it sold to a friend.  That is the cat’s meow, for real. 

I’ve been trying my hand at some abstract art. I figure one day when I throw out my back from lifting huge pieces of furniture, I’ll need to know how to paint on a much smaller scale.  Don’t judge, I’m very much a beginner.

I have to point out, in the photo above, I have necklaces from Hawaii given to me, a hat from Mexico from Mom and bookends from India…found those in an antique shop. 

These delicious paint colors are from CeCe Caldwell Paints. The base is Destin Gulf Green and Windsor Blue.  The highlight color is Carolina Sun Yellow.  I also used some of the aging cream ( that I adore ).

Right now, I’m thinking that if we have one more day of over 100 degree weather, I’m going to sit my tail in our little blow up pool
All. Day. Long. Why the extreme temps? Why?

Next up…

HERE is a similar color combination, but I painted it over 3 years ago!

Now, fist bump to all of you and let’s get this August started!


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