Spring Outfits 2022

Mar 4, 2022 | 0 comments

Maybe it’s an artist thing, but when I put together an outfit I’m thinking less about what other people will see and more about how I can play with my wardrobe the way I play with paint on a canvas… except the canvas is me! I love putting together bold colors, patterns, textures, and fabrics to create a look that is 100% me. Each season presents a new opportunity to create custom looks based on my mood, the weather, and whatever is inspiring me that week! I’ve spent the past few weeks curating pieces to mix and match in my spring outfits for 2022.

The focus of my wardrobe? Hand-painted tulle skirts and white dresses using my DIY Paint

A few things aligned all at once to make this possible: 

  1. My hand-painted hats have been a huge success,
  2. I really wanted to try something new,
  3. DIY Paint released a new collection of Bohemian Bright paints based on the color palette I curated! 

Spring Outfits for 2022

You should know a few things about me: I love color, I love paint, and I love me a flowy skirt or dress. I LIVE in dresses!!! I love the combination of ease and elegance. It gets H-O-T HOT in Oklahoma and a good flowy number helps me handle the heat.

So much of my wardrobe is bright and flowy that it only made sense that my spring outfits for 2022 should include some of my signature hand-painting! 

Spring Trends for 2022

I’m not alone in loving bold details in my 2022 spring wardrobe! Pinterest itself predicted that “dopamine dressing” would be huge this year based on increased searches for bright colors, loud patterns, and DIY crafts for adults. Combine all three and you get my latest project! 


Why I’m Painting Hats and Accessories

I know that painted clothing isn’t for everyone (or for very long… I haven’t washed these enough to know if the paint will last long-term) but it’s been bringing me so much joy to imagine these bright colors and sparkly metallics catching the spring sunshine. See the twirl in action on YouTube!

So far, I’ve had my art printed on handbags and scarves and I’ve seen a lot of success with my painted hat line. I’m not sure if I’ll sell these skirts or keep them or hide them in a closet… but it doesn’t matter! When it comes to art, I firmly believe in process over product! Maybe you think these painted tulle skirts are a disaster or maybe you’d wear that rainbow-splattered white dress to your dream wedding… Either way, what matters is that I learned SO MUCH from doing this! 

And (in case you couldn’t tell) I had a ton of fun too! Watch a short clip of the process here.

I hope this encourages you to think outside the box the next time you paint something! Maybe it will be a pair of shoes, a chair, a hat, or a skirt… Whatever it is, enjoy the process! And don’t forget to tag me when you post it, I love seeing what you all create! 

What spring outfits will you be sporting in 2022?

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