Staging a Dresser, 3 Different Ways

Jan 2, 2013 | 2 comments

Okay, I have had several requests for me to give some insight to my staging.  I took photos with this dresser styled 3 different ways just to show how a few accessories can make a big difference.  

The first one is on my teal wall in my entry.  The colors are complimentary so I knew this would be the primary spot for a photo.  Don’t know about you…but I love it just like this.  I would keep it this way if I were to keep the dresser…which hopefully it will sell and I won’t have to;)  

 The Anthropologie lampshade picks up both the tangerine and teal as well as the artwork hanging on the wall.  This is the way to pull them together and show how the colors blend so lovely.

 Here, I moved the dresser to a light wall and added the turquoise pottery and coral as the accent. Again, I love this, too! The art is a Picasso copy and pulls all the colors together perfectly. The simple modern silver frame works with the clean lines of this mid century dresser. I added the silver chair to mimic the frame as well and the furry throw to soften the two pieces.

 Lastly, I styled it in a more organic way…following a similar look of how this dresser may have been styled in 1965.  The abstract art is from the 60’s.  The accessories are from nature. For example; white coral, ivy plant, pine tree clipping in the vase, wooden bowl and curly willow. Combined, they give the dresser a more simple casual feeling.  Personally, this is not my favorite but I definitely think it works.

I will try to do this more often with my posts this year.  I do love staging just as much as I love painting!  

Thanks and enjoy!

This dresser is for sale here on The Turquoise Iris on

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