Stonewashed Wardrobe Furniture Makeover!

Feb 27, 2020 | 3 comments

This is Stonewashed!

I recently completed this wardrobe makeover for a client.

Want to hear a funny story about the makeover I did?

This was actually supposed to be the base coat! But when a customer saw it, they said “I have to have that!” and bought the piece before I was even finished with it. I added some more layers, depth, texture, hardware, and sealed it all with wax!

This piece got its name after I started filming it for #PaintTalk on my YouTube Channel, because my subscribers were telling me that it reminded them of stone, agate, or marble.

I really love how it turned out, especially after I made that gold wax.  To make your own, mix some Gold Ticket in with some clear wax and BOOM! Gold wax! Easy peasy. 

You can see the whole transformation on YouTube, click here to view the playlist!

Color Recipe:

Mermaid Tail
Water Lily
Golden Ticket
Hey Sailor
Mint Chip
Clear Wax

All colors are by DIY Paint, click here to order your own!

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