Summer Sunsets – My New Series to Help Us Hang On To Summer as Long As Possible

Sep 5, 2016 | 2 comments

Yeah, I admit it.  I’m dragging it out.
Summer should be savored.

“that was her magic, 
she could see the sunset 
even on the darkest days.”


I’m always looking to nature and art for inspiration on my makeovers. This time I’m looking up to the summer sky. The sky at the end of our hot Oklahoma days. It’s filled with brilliant shades of pinks and purples and gold and blues. As much as I love the ocean blues, these sunsets are a perfect ending to each day. If you haven’t seen an Oklahoma sunset, add that to your bucket list. 

image from Pinterest
See what I mean? Above is just one of the images I have pinned on my 
Pinterest board titled, Summer Sunsets. What a glorious reminder of simplicity at it’s very best. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do. If you missed the first hand painted piece from this series, you can read it here.

Now for the second piece, also a coral, but a deep rich coral highlighted with various warm tones including red and orange.

Once again, I used all products from CeCe Caldwell’s Paints. I actually used the left over paint I had custom mixed from the first piece in this series as a solid base for this one. Then I began to layer various colors including, Jersey Tomato and Pueblo Pepper. The Emerald Isle and Thomasville Teal are just my way of throwing in the unexpected for more of an artistic approach.  I highlighted a few areas with the metallic wax, Bauxite Beige and finished with Savannah Praline stain. These metallic waxes I’m using for this series just take the finish up a notch. I love how they glisten. 

image from Pinterest
This is paradise, my friends. 

The third piece is already in my workshop begging for a new look. If you enjoy these colors, check out a few of my other makeovers here and here.

image from Pinterest

Let’s hang on to our Summer a few more weeks, shall we?

I hope you all enjoy the holiday and have a wonderful week. 


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