The Ultimate Marketing Mastermind for Creatives


Industry experts share their tips for creating an unshakeable marketing plan that works for your business in this pre-recorded, self-paced masterclass!

Stop Second-Guessing Your Strategy

The Marketing Mastermind is a 4-module course designed to give you the inspiration, motivation, and time it takes to build a better business. Each 60 minute+ module focuses on a different key aspect of the sales and marketing mindset, from getting the support you need to taking your business to the next level and crafting offers your audience is dying to buy.

You’ll walk away with actionable steps you can take across every area of your business to create a sales strategy that works for you. 

Four Modules to Help You Build a Better Business

Asking for Help The Right Way
With Matt Woods

The first module in our Mastermind series is all about building up a support network that allows you to grow your business without totally burning out… or burning bridges. This module will give you some tips for communicating your needs, delegating tasks, and asking for help in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved.

Hosting a Killer Workshop
With Mara LaFay

Workshops, whether online or in person, are a powerful asset that creatives can use to grow their business and massively scale their profit margin. Our guest expert shares the steps it takes, plus some insider tips, to plan, market, and host a killer creative workshop!

Enneagram & Profits
With Hillarie Kay

The Enneagram is a tool that provides powerful insights into the strengths, needs, and communication styles that are unique to each of us. This module will teach you how to harness the power of your Enneagram Type to build a business, branding, and marketing strategy that works for you.

Multi-Purposing Content for Profit
With Kamee Collins

Planning, creating, and marketing is one of the greatest time-sucks for small businesses, so stop reinventing the wheel! This module teaches you how to find what’s trending, repurpose content across multiple platforms, and repackage existing content to sell for a profit!

Meet Our Experts

Matt Woods

Not only is Matt a small business owner himself, but he is also the husband of Dionne Woods, the artist and founder behind The Turquoise Iris and The Turquoise Iris Journal. For the past decade, Matt has been running his own business while supporting Dionne behind the scenes. Matt’s sense of humor and unflappable personality make his masterclass one you won’t want to miss.

Hillarie Kay

Enneagram Expert Hillarie Kay knows a business. In addition to her work as an Enneagram trainer and coach, Hillarie teaches business owners like you how to reduce overwhelm, avoid burnout, and build sustainable businesses. She has worked with everyone from CEOs to small business owners to create growth strategies tailored to their Type.

Mara LaFay

After 20 years as an artist, Mara LaFay knows what it takes to build a successful creative empire. She’s an artist and the owner of Vintage Retail Therapy where she sells creative tools, painted furniture, and (of course!) digital and in-person workshops for artists and fellow creative business owners.

Kamee Collins

Copywriter and marketing Kamee Collins is the owner of Momtrovert Creative, a digital marketing company that works exclusively with creative entrepreneurs. She’s an expert at using the foundations of human behavior to help artists plan, launch, and market their businesses and product launches with scalability and sustainability at the forefront.

Start the new year with more than just a resolution…

Growing your creative business takes more than a mood board; learn the tips that will help you create a solid strategy for your business’s marketing needs.

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