They Called My Work Messy – Wait Til They See This Otomi Print Paired with Klein Blue & Persimmon

Aug 27, 2016 | 8 comments

Being a part of social media automatically sets yourself up for criticism, whether in positive or negative forms. Your vulnerability shows up, like it or not.  

So, I posted my last piece ( with the blue and white Otomi print ) and someone made a comment in a language I didn’t understand.  Now, this happens all the time and I usually click “see translation” even though I sometimes worry that I will read something negative. This person had a lot to say about my work, things like,  “I have inspired her to use more color, and she plans to hold a few paint workshops using paper as well.” She wrote three paragraphs, all which made me smile…and then I read the word, “messy.” Messy? Hmmm…isn’t that typically a negative word?!?!  Wouldn’t you agree? Now, in the past, only a few people can get away with calling me messy – like my mom or my husband…that’s about it.

So, I pondered on that word awhile.  I have posted “paint outside the lines” and “I’ve made a huge mess today while working on this piece” so why in the world am I stuck on this? Isn’t it weird the way our minds work when we feel under attack?

I put my thoughts back in the right place, the place of an artist ( start to immediately feel better ). Have you EVER seen an artist’s studio that wasn’t messy? One that didn’t have paint all over the floor or more colours than you can imagine on one single brush handle?  Neither have I. So, there you go and there I go.  I convinced myself being called “messy” was an absolute HUGE compliment. I get that that follower appreciates my blending, my distressing, my dripping and my painting “outside the lines” and I’m no longer stuck on it.  She wasn’t criticizing my work…she loves it, actually. So, call me messy all day long, no problem here!

These two pieces will be roomies for life.  Both are going to the same house.  The same house where two of my pieces already live.  That feels so good. ( and I bet her house isn’t even “messy” ) Ha!

I’m obsessed with this Klein Blue from General Finishes. I’ve paired it with Persimmon once again and added this Otomi print gift wrap from Spoonflower.  The coverage is amazing, also.

Thanks for all of your sweet sweet support and encouragement! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you enjoy this makeover, check out This One, also. 



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