To Teach or Not To Teach and The Final Piece in My Series, Summer Sunsets

Sep 22, 2016 | 24 comments

So, should I teach furniture painting or not?

Let me get back to that question in a minute.

     Being the first day of Fall, I think this is the perfect piece to post today. It’s a warm transition with not only “sunset” colors but the various shades we begin to see this time of the year. This buffet is the fifth and final piece in my series titled, Summer Sunsets.  If you missed any of the others, you can see them here, No. 1No. 2No. 3 and No. 4.

     I put together a little video highlighting this series. What is it about music that turns photographs into videos.  I had so much fun. Watch the video I made here.  Or, you can watch all three of my movies here on youTube.

I used Persimmon and Patina Green from General Finishes  paint line. They pair together so well, don’t you think? I’ve mentioned using complimentary colors before and it’s always a good idea to do so. 

     This buffet is not available. My sweet friend brought it to me and gave me direction with colors and I went from there.  Her husband is giving it to her as a birthday gift…several brownie points in my book! 

Now, let me get back to the second part of this post. 

Image from Pinterest

     Well, don’t we all wish it were that simple? Just flip the coin! Do it!
I mean really? What decision is EVER that simple? 

     I keep reading this, though, and I’m thinking about ways we all make our decisions.  We get “opinions”. We ask our friends and family, “what would you do?” We listen, consider and are often more confused than before. However, there is the gut feeling – you know the one. You may not want it to be true.  It may be the scary one, the unknown one. 

This is a question I’ve thought about, talked about and 
stewed over for months. 

Do I teach furniture painting or not? 

     Daily, I get asked if I teach classes, post how-to tutorials or would I do a one-on-one lesson in furniture painting. My reply is always the same. I don’t teach at this time. I really don’t know when I would find the extra time it takes to teach but thank you for the inquiry. There’s a part of me that thinks, “No way, I’m too shy to stand among my peers and teach anyone anything!” Another part of me thinks, “Where would I even do this and who would really pay me to do this?” Lastly, I have to admit, I say “Why would I teach people to do what I do? This is how I make my living.  This is my business, my day to day routine and I love it”.

     I have never taken a painting lesson or class. I’ve never had any training at all in photography, staging or marketing.  Here I am, though, happily knee deep, learning and figuring it all out.  I’ve painted some not so pretty pieces of furniture and made multiple mistakes along the way. 

     So, let me ask you all.  Is it best to learn on your own? Are you better off by taking your time, creating and developing your passion? I now consider myself an artist – an artist who has just “figured it out” – no lessons involved. Don’t get me wrong, I still have SO MUCH to learn and that’s my point exactly. I love that I’m learning every day.  I love that with every stroke of color, I get to make one step further to my goals. 

So, when I’m asked to do tutorials or classes, I still don’t know.  I’m still pondering the best direction for my business.  In the grand scheme of things, maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill.  It really isn’t rocket science ( sorry for multiple cliches ) but, maybe I  just need to flip the darn coin and stop thinking. 


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