Velvet Boho Fabric

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The BEST things can happen when you get outside your comfort zone, which is why I am so excited to announce that I have just launched a line of velvet boho fabric!!! I never set out to be a textile designer. A few months ago, I was talking with the editor of The Turquoise Iris Journal. Like me, she believes that the heart of our creativity lies in the things we loved to make before we knew all the “rules” of art, so she encouraged me to go back to my roots. To me, that’s finger painting and mixed media art. I was having fun one day, making a bit of a mess and trying things I’ve never tried before. The finished art project was NOTHING like I ever thought I would create but, to be honest, I loved it! I shared it with my friends and followers online and was blown away by how many of them begged me to turn that art into something totally different… Fabric! Despite never having designed fabric before, something about the challenge called to me and I found myself turning my paintings into patterns online. As I shared those images with the people I trust, they confirmed my suspicions: it was time to turn my art into velvet boho fabric. 

Image of fabric draped over a bar with the words "One of a kind velvet boho fabric" in white text over a turquoise box. To the left is the text ""

Creating this fabric isn’t about coming up with a new product; it is a journey of exploration and craftsmanship that couldn’t have been possible without the support of my community.

The Turquoise Iris Velvet Boho Fabric

Experience my new luxurious royal velvet boho fabric! With its rich, vibrant colors and gorgeous sheen, this velvet adds an instant touch of elegance to any project. My smooth non-stretch velvet boho fabric boasts a subtle sheen and a luscious velvety flow. Imported and sold in continuous yards, this fabric is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Crafted with a polyester backing for added stability, this versatile fabric can be used for both decorating and fashion! This fabric has a width of 60” and a fabric weight of approximately 300 gsm or about 14 oz per linear yard, so it offers a great smooth and silky touch with medium body weight. It is even washable, allowing for easy care and maintenance! 

A close up of some custom boho velvet fabric

Order your fabric now!

Why Choose The Turquoise Iris Velvet Boho Fabric

With the release of these limited-run patterns, creatives will have access to unique fabrics that can’t be found at a store. This limited-run series is not about scarcity; it’s about celebrating the artistry and passion behind each pattern. Rather than making these textile designs available to anyone with an internet connection, I’m choosing to offer them in limited quantities so that these designs add an extra layer of uniqueness to your creative endeavors. Imagine owning a fabric that becomes a rare and cherished piece in your crafting repertoire! 

As I continue to evolve on this creative journey, your support and shared enthusiasm fuel my determination to push artistic boundaries. Order your favorite patterns now and join me in crafting a world where creativity knows no limits.

How My Velvet Boho Fabric is Made

I’m so proud of my new velvet boho fabric, not just because it’s incredibly high quality but because of how it is made. Each design begins as a piece of art created by me, by hand. From hand-painted canvases to mixed media art, I take high quality photos of my work and then use software to turn them into one-of-a-kind patterns that will then be printed on the royal velvet fabric. The best part is that I don’t have to turn to a huge corporation to create the final product… Nope! As an Oklahoma girl through and through, it is so important to me that I support a local or small business whenever possible. When I need new fabric, I don’t hop online and order from a big business, I hop in my car and drive down the road to work directly with my supplier. When you purchase my velvet boho fabric you’re supporting not just MY small business but the small business I use to print my designs. 

Get your favorite patterns in my shop.

How to Use Velvet Fabric

Recently, I teamed up with a talented seamstress—my mother-in-law—to bring a dream to life. Inspired by a vintage peacock bedspread, we embarked on the creation of a custom kimono-style jacket. The rich hues and velvety texture of my fabric elevated the jacket into a wearable masterpiece with gracefully draped sleeves! I am completely in love with the way this project is coming together and this collaboration opened my eyes to the potential of my velvet boho fabric in the world of fashion. From bohemian-inspired jackets to patchwork pants, the adaptability of these fabrics knows no bounds. I encourage you to envision your own unique projects, 

Dionne wears a partially-constructed kimono-style jacket featuring her custom velvet boho fabric as the sleeves.

Whether you’re dressing up your space or creating stunning apparel, my royal velvet is the perfect choice. From jackets and eveningwear to drapery, tabletops, upholstery, slipcovers, pillows, and event decorations, the possibilities are endless. I dream of seeing these fabrics covering everything from pillows and sofas to gloves and gowns. 

Partially-constructed kimono-style jacket featuring a peacock bedspread as the back panel and Dionne's velvet boho fabric as the sleeve

Order my limited-run velvet boho fabric today!

Share your in-process and finished projects with me! Tag @‌theturquoiseiris and use my new hashtag — #ThatsSewTTI — because I would LOVE to feature your creations in my feed!

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