Very Peri Color Palettes

Jan 14, 2022 | 0 comments

It’s official: Very Peri is the color of the year for 2022, at least according to the folks over at Pantone. Around here we call that color “Water Lily,” because it’s a staple color in every DIY Paint stash! I’ve been using Water Lily in my pieces for a few years now because it’s such a happy color. Here is some Very Peri Color Palettes that should inspire you to pop some periwinkle into your life!

Very Peri Color Palettes for Furniture

Whether you prefer a muted palette or lots and lots and lots of color, periwinkle is a pretty accent to almost any palette!

Veri Peri Palette: Monotone

Wardrobe with very peri color palettes interior and royal blue and gold exterior

I love this piece so much that it lives in my home! The entire interior of this china hutch is painted with Water Lily and I used pops of Blue Iris, Mint Chip, and gold for some highlights! I think that this periwinkle shade is a great base for furniture because it plays so well with so many different colors.

Very Peri Color Palettes featured on a dresser

Very Peri Palette: Complementary 

Wardrobe handpainted in very peri, green, yellow, and pink

One of my favorite color combinations is periwinkle, yellow, green, and pink! It’s a very nature-inspired palette that is super versatile for a lot of decor styles and these complementary colors are very pleasing to look at! 

A photo of a dresser handpainted in very peri, yellow, green, and pink handpainted wardrobe in very peri color palettes

Very Peri Canvas Art

Canvas art is the perfect place to play around with color trends because it’s far less permanent than furniture. I love incorporating new trends and styles in my decor using canvases.


Very Peri Fashion

No matter what your personal style is like, you can always count on accessories as an easy way to try a new trend in your wardrobe. I love using Water Lily when I hand paint my line of artisan hats. 


Very Peri Palettes for 2022

Here are some of the color palettes I think we’ll see a lot of in 2022! I can’t wait to take a look back and see if I’m right. 

A moodboard featuring very peri, pink, and pale blue  Moodboard featuring very peri, royal blue (blue iris), and jade  Moodboard featuring very peri, turquoise, and bright yellow  Moodboard featuring very peri, light green, and magenta

Which one is your favorite?

Let me know how you’ll be adding Very Peri to your life!

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